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<interp inst="t17460226-30" type="collection" value="BAILEY"/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30" type="year" value="1746"/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/17460226"/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30" type="date" value="17460226"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t17460226-30-off102-c303" targOrder="Y" targets="t17460226-30-defend355 t17460226-30-off102 t17460226-30-verdict103"/>
<persName id="t17460226-30-defend355" type="defendantName"> John Posey
<interp inst="t17460226-30-defend355" type="surname" value="Posey"/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30-defend355" type="given" value="John"/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30-defend355" type="gender" value="male"/> </persName> was indicted for
<rs id="t17460226-30-off102" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t17460226-30-off102" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30-off102" type="offenceSubcategory" value="shoplifting"/> stealing three Yards of black Worsted Damask, out of the Shop of
<persName id="t17460226-30-victim357" type="victimName"> Anne Holmes
<interp inst="t17460226-30-victim357" type="surname" value="Holmes"/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30-victim357" type="given" value="Anne"/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30-victim357" type="gender" value="female"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t17460226-30-off102 t17460226-30-victim357"/> </persName> </rs>.</p>
<persName id="t17460226-30-person358"> Q.
<interp inst="t17460226-30-person358" type="given" value="Q."/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30-person358" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/> </persName> (to Holmes) Did you lose at any Time any Damask : And when?</p>
<p>Holmes. Yesterday was a Week, my Lord.</p>
<p>Q. How much did you lose?</p>
<p>Holmes. About Two Yards and a half.</p>
<p>Q. How did you lose it?</p>
<p>Holmes. Out of my Compter.</p>
<p>Q. Where is your Shop?</p>
<p>Holmes. In East-Smithfield.</p>
<p>Q. How came you to suppose the Prisoner at the Bar took it?</p>
<p>Holmes. My Lord, one of my Servants catch'd him .</p>
<p>Ruth - I saw the Prisoner put it into his Bosom.</p>
<p>Q. What did he do?</p>
<p>Ruth - I ask'd him what he took it for, and he told me he took it out to see what it was.</p>
<p>Q. Whence did he take it?</p>
<p>Ruth - Out of the Compter.</p>
<p>Q. Was the Compter shut?</p>
<p>Ruth - Yes, my Lord.</p>
<p>Q. What else?</p>
<p>Ruth - Why he took it to make him a pair of Breeches.</p>
<persName id="t17460226-30-person359"> Q.
<interp inst="t17460226-30-person359" type="given" value="Q."/>
<interp inst="t17460226-30-person359" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/> </persName> (to the Prisoner) Would you ask the Witness any Questions?</p>
<p>Prisoner. I had it in my Hand upon the Compter. She came up and said , what are you doing, you are about to put that up. No, says I, Ruth, I am not. Upon that I took the Stick I had there and went home. The Maid sent for me at Night. I did not know what it was for, I said, I would go. I have been up and down there these 20 Years. They never found I had any Thing in the World, nor wrong'd them of a Farthing .</p>
<p>Q. Have you any Body to speak to your Character ?</p>
<p>Holmes . I have known this Man 22 Years.</p>
<p>Q. Pray, except in this particular Fact, what Character does he bear? Did you ever hear that he had been guilty of any Thing of this Sort.</p>
<p>Holmes. I have entrusted him with 100 l. worth of Things.</p>
<p>Q. Had you any Reason to suspect his taking any other of your Goods?</p>
<p>Holmes. No. my Lord.</p>
<rs id="t17460226-30-verdict103" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t17460226-30-verdict103" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/> Acquitted </rs>.</p> </div1></div0>

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