Rowly Turner, David Delly.
21st February 1733
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15, 16. Rowly Turner and David Delly , was indicted; for assaulting Francis Turner , in

an open Place near the Highway, putting him n Fear, and taking from him a Pound of Rice, half a Pound of Pranes, two Ounces of Stone Blue, and 19 d. 3 Farthings in Money , June 15 .

Francis Turner . Near Nine at Night on Thursday about Whitsuntide, as I was going from Paddington , in the first Field beyond Marrybone , I past by some Fellows on the Road, I don't know who they were, for it was a dark missing Night; but one of them said, Cocky, what's a-Clock? I said, about Nine; and suspecting them to be Rogues I run for it. They followed, and one coming close after me swore by God, he wou'd make me remember running; I held up my Stick, upon which another said, Damn him, does he resist? Kill him. Then the first struck at me with a Stick, I warded off 2 or 3 Blows, but at last I was knock'd down and stunned, and got a mighty Cut in my Head. I had some Rice and Prunes, and Stone Blue, in a Paper, which was taken from me, and about 19 Pence all Copper, in my Pocket. I had a Cag of Treacle too, but they did not take that; when I got up they run away. There was 4 or 5 of them in Company.

William Simmonds . About a Fortnight ago, I surrendered myself voluntarily to Justice Hilder. The Prisoners and I committed this Robbery.

Court. Have you any Body to prove that you kept Company with the Prisoners?

Simmonds. Yes, here's John Berry has seen me with them several times.

Court. How came you to find out the Prosecutor?

Simmonds. I saw him afterwards going along the Road, and I told John Berry , who was then with me, that he was the Man we had robb'd.

John Berry . My Father works in the Brick Fields, and so did the Prisoners and Simmonds, and I have seen them lying together in the Fields, I believe a hundred times.

Deily. I never lay in the Brick Fields fifty times in my Life.

John Jones . The Day after the Prosecutor was robbed he sent for me, and I saw he had been beat and abus'd, and that his Head was broke.

Mr. Justice Hilder. Simmonds surrender'd himself voluntarily to me; I ask'd the Prisoners if they knew him, and they said, Yes.

John Berry . The next Morning after the Robbery, I saw the Prisoner Turner in the Brick-Fields, with some Stone-blue in his Hand, and Sutton (who is now in Newgate) with some Rice. The Jury found them both Guilty . Death .

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