7th January 1913
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APOSTOLL, Demetros (45, hairdresser) , feloniously shooting at Edward Groom with intent to do him some grievous bodily harm; feloniously shooting at Sydney Baverstock with like intent; feloniously shooting at John Cashman with like intent; feloniously shooting at James McEvoy with like intent.

Prisoner was tried on the first indictment.

Mr. Woodgate prosecuted.

EDWARD GROOM , 35, Aylesford Street, S.W. I did not know prisoner before this occurrence. I was in Pulford Street, Pimlico, in the early hours of December 22 along with two friends, Baverstock and Cashman. Prisoner approached us from the direction of the Embankment and when he was about 20 yards from us we heard the report of a revolver. He had just passed us, when he turned round and fired over his left arm towards us. He ran towards Lupus Street and stumbled into a doorway. Then he got up and fired at a blank wall. I made a statement to a man named McEvoy and his brother and we ran after the prisoner. McEvoy reached him first and jumped on his back, felling him to the ground. The McEvoys got the revolver from him and it went off in the struggle.


Police-constable SOFFE, 387 B Division. I heard reports of firearms from the direction of Pulford Street. When I got there McEvoy was holding the prisoner on the ground. I got assistance and took him to the police-station. When charged, he asked, "Have I killed or wounded anyone?" I told him he had not. He was drunk.

Detective-inspector JAMES BROWN. I was in charge of the police station when prisoner was brought in. He was very drunk and had an injury to the left side of his forehead. There were two cartridges left in the revolver.

PHILIP PRATT , 34, Pulford Street, spoke to finding a spent bullet in the area.


DEMETROS APOSTOLL (prisoner, on oath), through an interpreter, said that since he had come to London he had intended shooting himself, but he did not intend shooting anyone else. He had been on Chelses Bridge and would have jumped into the river, but that there were people about. He would have shot himself first and then tried to jump into the river. When he was firing his revolver he was always shooting towards himself. He left himself in the hands of the Court, but anyhow he meant to commit suicide.

SIDNEY REGINALD DYER , Medical Officer at Brixton Prison. Prisoner is a very excitable foreigner, but I do not consider him to be insane. He has threatened suicide and we have had to have him very closely watched. I think he was mad drunk and really did intend to shoot himself.

The jury were unable to agree upon a verdict.

JUDGE LUMLEY SMITH . I shall postpone the trial till next Sessions; prisoner will be taken care of and the doctor will be able to see what condition he is in.

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