10th January 1911
Reference Numbert19110110-49
VerdictGuilty > lesser offence
SentenceImprisonment > hard labour

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FARRAWAY, Henry Wilson (40, labourer) , feloniously wounding Charles Henry Richardson with intent to do him some grievous bodily harm.

Mr. J. F. Vesey Fitzgerald prosecuted.

CHARLES HENRY RICHARDSON , 4, Arthur Road, Tottenham, bricklayer. I have known prisoner for some time. On January 3 at 1 a.m. I was seated on my bed undoing my boots. Susannah Goodrich whom I live with was in bed. Prisoner burst the door open and came in. I said, "What do you want here?" He said, "I will murder you, you bastard"; he pulled his hand out of his trouser pocket holding up the knife (produced) and struck me under the left arm with it. As he raised his hand I closed with him and struck him. I then felt another stab in my left ear. We rolled on the floor, and I got other wounds on my right side, and on the jaw. I said "Sue, I am stabbed, get the poker." Goodrich then struck prisoner on the head and arm three or four times with the poker, opened the window, and shouted "Murder, police." Marlborough and Louisa Taylor came it. Taylor held prisoner's arm, and Marlborough took the knife out of his hand. Prisoner then rushed down the stairs; I and Marlborough followed him and he was caught getting over the railway fence in Pretoria Road. Others arrived and detained him; Marlborough went for a policeman. Police-constable Odie took him into custody. I did not strike prisoner first.

Cross-examined. I last worked for Leonard and Co. at Totmall Road, Palmer's Green, and finished in September last; since then I have been hawking rabbits at which I make a profit of 8s. or 9s. a day. I had not seen prisoner for seven weeks before the attack, and had had not previous altercation with him. I did not rob him of his knife and money on the night of the assault.

SUSANNAH GOODRICH , corroborated.

Cross-examined. I am a laundress. I last did work for Mrs. Duchies 12 months ago. Prosecutor pays for my room, and keeps me.

WALTER CHARLES MARLBOROUGH , 7, Arthur Road, Tottenham. On January 3 at about 1 a.m. I was standing at my street door when I saw the prisoner striking matches and looking at the numbers of the doors on the opposite side; he entered No. 4 doorway. I then went inside, when I heard screams of "police" and "murder" by Goodrich whom I saw at her window. I ran into No. 4 followed by Louisa Taylor. Prosecutor called out, "Come, he is murdering me." Prisoner and prosecutor were struggling. Taylor caught hold of prisoner's arms while I took away knife (produced), which I afterwards handed to the police. Prisoner ran downstairs into Pretoria Road and jumped over the railway fence when I caught hold of him. Prosecutor and another man came up and held him while I went for a policeman.

Cross-examined. I did not steal a purse containing nine pawntickets and 1s. 6d. from prisoner. I had not seen him for over three months.

LOUISA TAYLOR , 7, Arthur Road, living with the last witness, corroborated.

Police-constable ALFRED ODIE, 212 N. On January 3 at 1.30 a.m. I was in Durban Road, when I heard a whistle and saw the prisoner struggling with prosecutor. Prosecutor said, "This man has stabbed me three or four times with a knife." I said, "Where is the knife?" He said, "A man named Marlborough took the knife—he has gone for a policeman." I took prisoner to the station; on the way he said, "I am pleased you have come—they would have murdered me." When charged, he said, "I deny the charge." He made no complaint of anyone having robbed him.

Cross-examined. Prisoner did not say he had been robbed by Richardson and Marlborough of a purse, pawntickets, and money.

ARTHUR RATHBONE WAINWRIGHT , divisional surgeon, Tottenham. On January 3 at 2.49 a.m. I was called to Tottenham Police Station and saw the prisoner. He was suffering from contused wounds on the vertex, one of them 2 in. long and? in. deep, right on to the brain. They were all bleeding very freely. I dressed them. At 4 a.m. I saw prosecutor. I found between the 7th and 8th ribs in a line with the armpit an incised wound? in. long 1/2 in. deep running down to the rib; another oblique wound 2 in. above the right hip, 1 in. deep; an incised wound on the scalp 1 in. long, and a similar one near it; another wound 1 1/4 in. long on the left auricle. There were several scratches and bruises about the forehead and face, and on the chin a glancing incised wound of little depth. The knife (produced) I was shown is rather blunt; the wounds could have been inflicted by it. I found marks corresponding with the wounds in the under vest, but there were no marks shown in the shirt which is basket-worked, and probably would not show the marks.

Prisoner's statement before the magistrate: "While I was returning home from Silver Street Station I was stopped in White Hart Lane and asked for a piece of tobacco by Marlborough. Whilst cutting him off a piece he seized my left hand, Harry Richardson doing the same with the right. After a tussle they overpowered me, and stole

my knife, a purse containing seven pawntickets, and about 1s. 6d. in money. They ran home. I followed them home asking them for my things back they had taken from me. They made no more to do but seized hold of me, and knocked me about again, shoving me on the bed. H. Richardson said, "Sue get me the poker," which she did, she also striking me on the head with it several time wihlst Marlborough and Richardson held me on the bed, I next broke from them, reached the street, Richardson and Marlborough overtook me, knocking me about until the police arrived. If the police had not arrived as they did I do not not know what they would have done to me."


HENRY WILSON FARRAWAY (prisoner, on oath) repeated the above statement.

Cross-examined. I have never been on bad terms with Richardson. He had a quarrel with me. The knife was taken from me, and I was going to his place to get it back. If he was stabbed he was not stabbed by me. He might have been cut when they were robbing me in the tussle. They pulled me down on the pavement. I do not know that I stabbed prosecutor five times—not in the slightest to my knowledge. I swear I never struck that man with that knife or any other instrument. Prosecutor and Marlborough are committing perjury. I did not tell the policeman they had robbed me. I had been convicted some months ago of assulting prosecutor and Goodrich on two different occasions. I could not tell you the dates. I was on good terms with Richardson and am now. I would like you to know the characters of these people. I was convicted for stealing potatoes and greens and was fined 5s.

CHARLES HENRY RICHARDSON , recalled. About three years ago I was sentenced to 18 months' hard labour for stealing a bicycle. I have had two months and seven days for living on the earnings of and assaulting a prostitute. I have been convicted several times.

SUSANNAH GOODRICH , recalled. I have done three years in an Inebriates' Home. I came out a year and 10 months ago. About 20 years ago I had twelve months for stealing a watch. Thirty years ago, when I was 13, I was charged because prisoner was making coin, and he gave me a bad half-crown, but I was not convicted. It is prisoner who has parted me from my husband. I was never charged with housebreaking.

WALTER CHARLES MARLBOROUGH , recalled. I was tried at the last Middlesex Sessions for stealing a petty officer's watch and acquitted. Eleven years ago I had six months for attempted burglary.

LOUISA TAYLOR , recalled. I am now doing six months' hard labour for stealing a watch and chain from a petty officer. I have had a month and also three days for being drunk and disorderly and using obscene language; that is about four years ago.

Verdict, Guilty of unlawful wounding.

Prisoner was proved to have had four convictions for assault and drunkenness and one of 5s. fine or five days for stealing vegetables from an allotment; stated to be a hard-working man.

Sentence, Five months' hard labour.


(Friday, January 13.)

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