8th April 1889
Reference Numbert18890408-382
VerdictGuilty > unknown
SentenceImprisonment > hard labour

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382. LOUIS PENDRY , Forging and uttering a request for the delivery) of 20 reams of paper.

MR. ROOTH Prosecuted.

ARTHUR JOHN COOPER . I am clerk to Mr. Percy James Machin, the prosecutor—on 19th March, at 1. 45, the prisoner called at our warehouse and asked for samples of green and bronze flint paper—he wanted the cheapest we had in stock, and asked if we could do it at 9s. 6d.—I said

if he took 20 reams he could have it at that; if a less quantity it would be 10s.—he took the samples—I asked who they were for—he said Mr. Ship—he went away—about 3.30 the same day a man named Benson brought this order in the name of Ship for ten reams of green and ten reams of bronze flint at 9s. 6d.—before he called our traveller had had a conversation with Mr. Ship, and in consequence when he came I took the order to Mr. Machin, who went outside and spoke to Benson—after that we put an empty case on a truck and covered it with tarpaulin as if there was paper in it, and Benson went with the truck, I and Mr. Machin following—when we reached the end of Manchester Avenue, Aldersgate Street, we saw the prisoner standing at the doorway of a confectioner's shop opposite—Mr. Machin put his hand on his shoulder and said, "You have sent for some paper to my place for Mr. Ship"—the prisoner said, "I did not"—I said, "Yes, you did, "and turned to call a constable—the prisoner ran away—he was eventually caught and given into custody.

ALFRED BENSON . I am a fishmonger, of 10, Shaftesbury Street, Copenhagen Street—on 19th March I went to Machines with an order which the prisoner gave me—he asked me if I had anything to do for half an hour—I said, "No"—he said, "Will you take this to 9, Manchester Avenue, and bring some things from there, and meet me at the corner of Bath Street, Old Street, with them?"—he did not say what they would be.

Cross-examined by the Prisoner. I cannot read—you did not tell me to take the paper to Mr. Ship.

FREDERICK SHIP . I am a plain and fancy box manufacturer, at 31, Myrtle Street, Hoxton—I know nothing of this order—this is not my signature; it is on my headed paper—I do not know the prisoner, I never saw him before—I cannot say if this is the counterfoil of that order; it is a counterfoil from my invoice-book—I don't know how it came out of my office; it was not given with my authority.

PERCY JAMES MACHIN . I am a paper merchant, in partnership with Mr. Kœnig, at 9, Manchester Avenue—about four o'clock on the 19th March, my assistant, Mr. Cooper, made a communication to me, and I went outside my office into the lobby and spoke to Benson—afterwards I followed the truck into Aldersgate Street—Benson said, "There he is, sir; in the baker's shop"—Cooper said, "Yes, that is the man that came for the samples"—I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "You sent to my place for some paper"—he said, "No"—I said he was a liar, and I told Cooper to send for a constable; the prisoner ran away—I followed him down Aldersgate Street, calling "Stop thief!"—he slipped and fell, I and a gentleman gave him in custody—he was charged at the station—he declined to give his name, address, or any particulars—he said nothing about the charge.

ROBERT MOODY (City Policeman 166). On 19th March the prisoner was given into my custody—I took him to the station—in answer to the charge he said it was not his fault, and before it was over he would prove he was not at the bottom of it—he refused his name and address and any information—I had a reason for indicting him in the name of Pendry.

The Prisoner in his defence said that he had acted for a gentleman he met in the street, who promised to pay him.

GUILTY .— Three Months' Hard Labour.

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