22nd October 1888
Reference Numbert18881022-952
VerdictGuilty > unknown
SentenceNo Punishment > sentence respited

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952. MARY ANN BARLOW (48) and MARY HUNT (53) , Stealing 12 dozen combs, the goods of John Sangster, the master of Barlow.

MR. HEDDON Prosecuted; MR. PURCELL appeared for Barlow, and MR. GREENFIELD for Hunt.

JOHN WISE (City Detective) Mr. Sagar, the chief of the department, made a communication to me, and I watched No 8, Coleman Street on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Sept 25, 26, and 27, when I saw the prisoners leave about 8 15, and the prisoner Barlow's husband left at 8 20—the prisoner Barlow then came out and went into a public-house, and in two or three minutes Hunt came up to the door and spoke to Barlow's little girl, and then joined Mrs. Barlow in the public-house—after about 20 minutes they both came out and went into 8, Coleman Street—in the passage Barlow said to Hunt "You wait here," and went upstairs and returned in about five minutes—she appeared bulky, having something under her shawl—she had not looked bulky previously—she went into the ground-floor office where I had seen Hunt previously enter—about 9 15 the prisoners came to the door and Hunt went away—I followed her to the corner of Coleman Street, and she spoke to Barlow's husband—I

followed her into Moorfields, where I stopped her, told her I was a police officer, and said "Have you got anything about you"—she said "No"—I put my hand under her shawl and took this parcel containing six dressing combs from under her arm—I said "Have you got any more?" she handed me this bag containing six dozen children's forehead combs—before I opened the parcel I asked her what was in it—she said she did not know, a hawker at the corner of Coleman Street had given it to her to sell.

Cross-examined by MR. PURCELL. Mrs. Barlow is the housekeeper at No 8, and has also been employed seven years at the Wool Exchange—I was reading a newspaper under the door of the house where she was, when she came out looking bulky—the comb warehouse is on the first floor—she went into the ground floor office—I am certain she had not the bulky appearance when she went in—she carried home some bundles of wood which she took into the warehouse at the ground floor office—that was before she went to the public-house, and before Mrs. Hunt came up.

Cross-examined by MR. GREENFIELD. When Hunt came out she was carrying this basket in front of her, with a piece of brown paper on it, and her shawl was over it—Mr. Sangster's name is on every single comb, but not on the parcel—she did not say "Combs" when I asked what she was carrying.

THOMAS BENHAM (City Detective) After Hunt had been taken to the station I went with Logan and Wise to 8, Coleman Street, and saw Barlow—I said "We are police-officers, a woman named Hunt is in custody charged with having some combs, and you will be charged with stealing them;" she said "I am innocent, I know nothing at all about it"—we searched, and loose in a drawer found a dozen fine-tooth combs—Barlow said "We have permission to take a comb or two if we want them, and one or two were picked up in the rubbish in the office"—she was charged at the station, and said "I have given no combs to any woman"

Cross-examined by MR. PURCELL. I did not take a note of her words; I understood her to say "to any woman"—I heard my deposition read with the words "to any one," and did not correct it.

Cross-examined by MR. GREENFIELD. I saw Hunt leave carrying a bag quite openly, and this was by her side under her shawl.

FREDERICK RICHARD NECK . I am clerk to Mr. Sangster, London agent of the New York India-rubber Company, Coleman Street—he occupies the whole of the first floor—Barlow was housekeeper, her rooms were at the top of the house, and she had a key of the warehouse—she was housekeeper to others besides—on 27th September I left the ware house about 6 8, having previously taken stock; I was the last to leave—I was called to Moor Lane Police-station at 10 o'olock next morning, and saw six dozen dressing-combs and six dozen forehead-combs, and the prisoner Hunt in oustody—I went to 8, Coleman Street, examined the stock, and missed six dozen dressing-combs; I had no account of the forehead-combs, but I identify them as well as the others; they are worth 2l. 5s.—I know nothing of Barlow having leave to take combs if she chose.

Cross-examined by MR. PURCELL. The fine-tooth combs are worth 2s. in the state in which they are—Barlow has been employed there by the landlord of the house 18 months—I have been there longer—I did not

know her before she came there—I had nothing to do with her payment or discharge.

Cross-examined by MR. GREENFIELD. I know by the packing that this parcel is ours, without undoing it—our name is not on it, but it is on the wrapper of the combs—I know them by the numbers.

Re-examined. They are marked "New York and Hamburg India-rubber Company"—I missed this exact number of combs.

RICHARD GOODWIN . I am housekeeper at 8, Coleman Street—Barlow used to be the housekeeper—I was clearing out a cupboard on the first floor, and found these two packages secreted there under some ashes—I don't know who had the use of the cupboard—I gave them to my master.

Cross-examined by MR. PURCELL. I succeeded Barlow on Tuesday week, and found the parcels the day before yesterday.

FREDERICK RICHARD NECK (Re-examined) These parcels were brought upstairs by Mr. Whitneck with the letters for Oscar Money and Co—they have not been opened, but I know this one contains five dozen combs and the other six dozen dressing combs—they have just arrived from Hamburg.

The prisoners received good characters

GUILTY . — Judgment respited.

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