WILLIAM GREGG, Violent Theft > robbery, 24th May 1880.

Reference Number: t18800524-537
Offence: Violent Theft > robbery
Verdict: Guilty > no_subcategory
Punishment: Imprisonment > no_subcategory
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537. WILLIAM GREGG (23) , Robbery, with another person, on Helen Mary Davey, and stealing a purse and 5/. her property.

MR. RAVE. Prosecuted; MR. FILLA. Defended. HELEN MARY DAVE. I live at 8, St. Augustine's Road—on 30th April 1 was with my mother in Endell Street, about 11.30 a.m., walking towards Long Acre, with a purse in my hand—two men were standing against a

wall; one came towards me and got hold of my purse; I held it as hard as I could, but he got it—the prisoner is the man—I called "Stop thief!' and was knocked down by another man who was behind me—the prisoner ran away—I got up and ran after him and spoke to a policeman, who told me to go to Bow Street, which I did—it was then 11.45—I went there again on the Tuesday and picked the prisoner out from 16 others—my purse contained a 5l. note, a stall ticket, and a grocery order—I was very much bruised, and my arm and shoulder were hurt.

Cross-examined. One or two of the 16 men were the same size as the prisoner; they were in different kinds of clothes—my mother did not go to identify him because she did not notice him.

ARTHUR CHARLES MIL . I live at 13, Betterton Street—I was going down Castle Street from Drury Lane with some grocery, and saw three men running very hard from Endell Street towards me; the prisoner is one of them—I have not the slightest doubt of him—Miss Davey and an elderly lady were running after him crying "Stop thief!"—I did not go to the station, my hands were too full.

Cross-examined. I recognise him by his height, his small features, and his high cheek-bones—he wore a lightish suit.

Re-examined. I cannot say that he was the actual thief, but he was one of those running away."

WILLIAM BOYL . (Detective). On 4th May I took the prisoner in bed in a common lodging-house in Seven Dials—I told him the charge; he made no reply—I placed him with thirteen others, and Miss Davey picked him out—he asked me at the police-court at what time the larceny took place—I said "Some time before 12 o'clock"—he said "I am very glad of that; I can prove where I was; I was in Berwick Street at the time, and from there I went to my mother's, and did not return to the lodging-house till Sunday night."

Cross-examined. Some of the men were taller than the prisoner—he is rather small, but there are lots of men his height—the prosecutrix described him as a young man of 20, fair, very short, thick-set and bull-headed, and wearing a light-coloured suit.

GUILTY .*— Twelve Months' Imprisonment.

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