27th February 1854
Reference Numbert18540227-373
VerdictGuilty > unknown; Guilty > unknown

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373. MARY SIMPSON and JOHN DAY were indicted for a like offence.

MESSRS. BODKIN and CLERK conducted the Prosecution.

SOPHIA DIXON . I live in Eyre-street, Fitzroy-square. On 21st Jan., Simpson came, about a quarter past 5 o'clock, for a bonnet shape—she gave me in payment a half crown—I took it in the parlour; I thought it was not good; I gave it to my sister, she thought it was good; I left it with her—I gave the prisoner change, and she left the shop—I afterwards got the half crown again—my sister left it on the table, and I took it up—I tried it, and bent it—I put it in a drawer, where there was no other money—on Wednesday, 25th Jan., the prisoner came for a bonnet shape again, and she gave me a half crown; I looked at it and saw it had much the same look as the other—it looked dull—I rang the bell, and called my brother down—he took the half crown to the public house, he brought it back, threw it on the counter and said it was bad—Simpson was at the counter at the time—the half crown was bent at that time—I told my brother it was the same woman that was there on the Saturday, and told him to fetch a policeman—he went, but could not find a policeman—he went a second time, and when he was gone the second time the prisoner Day came into the shop—he asked Simpson how much longer she was going to keep him there—she said she had given a bad half crown—he said if his wife had bought anything he would pay for it; and he took out a shilling, I believe it was, but I declined to take it, and they both went out—I put the second half crown in the drawer with the other one—the officer came to the shop with the prisoners the same evening, and I gave him the two half crowns—I had not left the shop in the interim—no one else had put anything in that drawer or taken anything out—there was other money in the till, but not in the drawer.

LOUISA HITCHCOCK I am the sister of the last witness. On 21st Jan., she brought me a half crown into the parlour—it was only in my possession a few minutes; I thought it was good, I laid it on the table—my sister did not take it up while I was in the room, but nobody else went in the room.

Day. Q. Did you ever see me before? A. No; I did not see you then.

RICHARD WAY . I was called by my sister into the shop on that day—she gave me a half crown; I took it to a neighbour, and gave it to the barmaid—my neighbour tried it—I got the same back again, I believe—I came back, and threw it on the counter—Mrs. Dixon desired me to fetch an officer—I could not find one, I returned—the two prisoners were then leaving the shop—I followed them—they stood three or four minutes talking, they then separated—I followed Simpson; I met the constable—I took Simpson to the shop, and she was given in charge—I saw Day standing at the corner of a street, and I desired the officer to take him—I saw the officer take three half crowns out of his hand at the station, they were wrapped in a piece of paper.

Day. Q. Was I with this woman when she went out of the shop? A. Yes; but you separated before I saw the policeman.

ELIZABETH SISINEY . I am barmaid at the Cock public house; I remember the last witness bringing a half crown—he put it on the counter—he took the same half crown back again.

EZER FREEMAN (police sergeant, C 10). I produce the two half crowns; I took Simpson, she said she had not passed any bad money—she was the worse for liquor.

ANDREW PACKHAM (policeman, C 131). I took the prisoner, Day, in King-street; he said he had nothing to do with that woman—I had not said anything to him about the woman—I took him by the arm; he put his left hand in his pocket and took out something in paper—I seized his left hand, and found in it three counterfeit half crowns wrapped in brown paper—I found one bad half crown in his waistcoat pocket—he said he had had it given to him.

WILLIAM WEBSTER . These two half crowns, uttered by Simpson, are counterfeit—the four found on Day are counterfeit, and two of them are from the same mould as the last one uttered by Simpson.

Simpson. This man is a perfect stranger to me; I asked him to hold this money; it had been given to me by a gentleman, whom I had left about two hours; this man knows nothing of it.

Day's Defence. I sold this woman five or six pounds of potatoes, and she asked me to mind the potatoes and this money for her; she went in the shop, and I went in to see what was the matter; I offered to pay for anything she had bought; we came out, and she went one way and I another; I saw her taken, and I went to know what she was taken for; the woman said, "Take that man;" and I was taken.


DAY— GUILTY . Aged 46.

Confined Nine Months.

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