1st January 1849
Reference Numbert18490101-374
VerdictGuilty > with recommendation; Not Guilty > unknown

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374. EDWARD BACKHOUSE , and JOHN MATTHEWS , stealing 19lbs. weight of rope, value 2l. 10s.; the goods of George Bower, in a vessel in a port.

THOMAS HOY . I am a constable of the East and West India Docks. On 23d Dec., about ten o'clock in the morning, I stopped Matthews coming out of the Dock with a truck—I asked for a pass—he said it was all right, they had got the master's pass—Lusty, who was with him, produced the pass—I objected to it, and Lusty returned with it to get the weight put upon it—while he was gone I examined the truck, and found concealed under some old rope and canvas, three coils of rope—the pass only specified ropes and shaking—I refused to let it go out—Matthews said "I don't wish to deceive you, it did not come from that ship at all (that was the Glasgow) it came from the Miame"—that they bought it of the ship-keeper—Lusty came back with the pass and presented it to me—he walked away—I took Matthews into custody, and went to the Miame, which was lying in the dock—I asked Backhouse, the ship keeper, if he had sent any rope out of the ship that day—he stood a few minutes, and said, "Yes;"—I said, "Did the captain authorise you to do so?" he said, "No; but I have sold some rope to two men for 3s."—I took him into custody, showed him the rope, and he said, "That is the rope I sold"—I pointed out Matthews to him—he said, "That is one of the men that I sold the piece to"—I know the writing of the captain of the Glasgow—this pass is not his writing.

Cross-examined by MR. PARRY. Q. Did not Matthews say, "For God's

sake, if there is any thing wrong, let me go back to the ship." A. No; he said, "It is all wrong"—it was a neglect of my duty to let Lusty go, but I had to contend with Matthews—there is no mark on the rope; I should not have known it came from the Miame, but by what Matthews said.

GEORGE BOWER . I am captain of the Miame, in the South West India Dock—this rope is mine—it is worth 2l. 10s.—Backhouse was my ship keeper on that ship—I did not give him authority to sell it; he could not hate authority except from me—I had charge of the ship, and the owners property—here are five or ten cross marks on the rope—I missed two ropes.

Cross-examined. Q. Who did you leave in charge of the Tessel when you were absent? A. Backhouse; I had been about two hours—I am responsible for any thing lost.

Backhouse's Defence. He was to allow me 5s. a week, and to find myself every thing; this rope does not belong to him.

BACKHOUSE— GUILTY . Aged 20.—Recommended to mercy by the Jury and Prosecutor.— Confined Six Months


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