26th November 1838
Reference Numbert18381126-105
VerdictGuilty > unknown; Guilty > unknown
SentenceImprisonment; Imprisonment

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105. GEORGE HART and RUTH MILES were indicted for a misdemeanor.

The HON. MR. SCARLETT conducted the Prosecution.

MARY ANN DALE . I live at the Cannon public-house, Brentford. On Tuesday evening, the 27th of November, the prisoner Miles came to the bar and asked for change for a half-crown, which I refused-immediately after she went out, Hart came for a glass of half-and-half, and gave me a half-crown—I gave him four sixpences and 4 1/2 d.—he went out, and another female came in and asked for half-a-pint of beer—she put down a bad shilling—I said it was bad—she took it up and went out—I then looked in the till, where I had no more silver but the half-crown which I took of Hart, and found it was bad—I had apologized to him for giving him four sixpences, as I had no other silver there at all—I sent to the police-office and described the two prisoners, and the officer very soon afterwards took them.

THOMAS MORRISON . I am shopman to Mr. Chappel, a linen-draper, at Brentford. On the evening of the 27th of November, Hart came to the shop for some stockings—I showed him some, and he purchased one pair for 1s. 2d., and a skein of silk—the two came to 1s. 3d.—he offered me half-a-crown—I gave him threepence of the change, and then told him the half-crown was bad—he said, "If it?"—I said, "Yes, very bad"—he said, "I can tell by the edge whether it is or not"—he got it, and left the shop—I did not see him again till at the station-house—I looked at the half-crown, and am perfectly satisfied it was counterfeit.

ALFRED WILLIAMS . My father is a draper at Brentford. On that Tuesday evening, the prisoner Miles came and asked for a pair of stockings, she offered me a half-crown—I gave her 1s. 6 1/2 d.—I put it on the counter—when I had given her the change, she went out, and then I examined the half-crown—while I was examining it, the policeman brought her back—I am positive she is the same person—I took the half-crown to the station-house, and gave it to the policeman.

HUGH SANDILANDS (police-constable T 80.) I received information from Mrs. Dale, and found the two prisoners three or four hundred yards beyond her house, in company with another person, not in custody—I walked on the opposite side of the way, and watched their transactions—I saw Hart band something to Miles, and then they both crossed the road, and went to the shop of Mr. Williams, the linen-draper-Miles went in, and Hart waited outside the door—I immediately tried to take him into custody-a desperate scuffle ensued—I got knocked down, and be succeeded in getting from me—I got up directly, and saw him put his hand to his trowsers pocket, and put something into his mouth—we ran forty or fifty yards—I then took him, threw him down, got him by the throat, and turned out what was in his mouth, which was eleven shillings—I took them on the spot—there was 9s. good, in shillings and sixpences, and two counterfeit shillings—these are them—I went back towards Mr. Williams's, and saw the prisoner Miles coming out of Mr. Williams's shop—I took her back, and got the half-crown from Mr. Williams-Miles had the change, and the stockings in her hand—I found on Hart, at the station-house, a piece of calico, one pair of stockings, a handkerchief, and two red herrings in his fob, six sixpences, and one fourpenny-piece, and in one of his browsers pockets 1s. 4d., and a farthing in copper—I went to Mr. Chappel's, and found a person answering the description of Hart had been there, and offered a bad half-crown—I have the half-crown I got from Mrs. Dale, and

another that was changed at Mr. Gascoyne's, but they cannot identify the prisoners.

MR. JOHN FIELD . These two shillings are both counterfeit, and both from one mould—the two half-crowns are both counterfeit, and from one mould.

Hart. I deny being in this woman's company.

HART— GUILTY . Aged 19.— Confined One Year.

MILES— GUILTY . Aged 15.— Confined Six Months.

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