14th May 1838
Reference Numbert18380514-1292
VerdictGuilty > unknown; Guilty > unknown; Guilty > unknown

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1292. EDWARD HARDING, alias Brandon , GEORGE HARDING, alias Brandon , and JOHN ELLIOTT , were indicted for burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Isabella Heavisides, at St. Marylebone, about the hour of five in the night of the 12th of May, with intent to steal, and stealing therein, 1 time-piece, value 3l. 10s.; 1 pair of sugar-tongs, value 1l.; 17 spoons, value 30s.; 1 ring, value, 1l.; 10s.; 1 pair of scissors, value 1s.; 1/2 lb. of tobacco, value 2s.; I padlock value 6d.; 2 bottles, value 6d.; 1 sixpence, 6 fourpences, 48 pence, 36 halfpence, and 48 farthings, her goods and monies.

THOMAS ROBSON . I am nephew to Isabella Heavisides, who keeps, the Carpenter's Arms public-house, in Princes-street, Portman-market, in the parish of St. Marylebone. On the night of the 12th of May I was the last

person up—I fastened the outer door, and put a padlock on the bar-door, and put the keys into my pocket—I went to bed about ten minutes past one o'clock—between five and six o'clock the policemen rang the bell and gave an alarm—I went down stairs, and found them in the house—I found the padlock wrenched off the bar-door, but could find no marks of violence on the outer door—it was fastened with a chain the previous night—I cannot say whether the thieves had been concealed in the taproom over night, or whether they got in at the tap-room window—they might have got in that way—it was closed when I went to bed—they must have put the shutters down and opened the window to have got in—I missed the articles stated, which are worth about 7l. or 8l.—I found some glasses, containing brandy and gin underneath the tap—they were clean when I went to bed the night before—I have seen the prisoners several times—they were in our skittle-ground last Monday week together.

JOHN WALSH (police-constable D 33.) On the Sunday morning in question I was going my rounds—I passed the prosecutrix's cheques about half-post five o'clock, and found the door a-jar—I rang the bell, and Robson came down.

WILLIAM HAWKER , I am a police-sergeant. From information I received, I went to No. 10, Kelso-place, Lisson-grove—I went up stairs, into the front room, and saw the prisoner Edward Harding, handing a pot out at the door—I said, "I want you respecting the robbery at Mrs. Heavisides"—he said, "Very well"—I passed him, and went into the room and found the other two prisoners and three females—the two prisoners were lying on the apparently asleep, and the girls with them—I saw this bottle on the mantel-shelf, broken as it is now—I said, "Halloo! how comes this here?"—Edward Harding said, "I do not know any thing about it"—I examined a cupboard in the room, and in it found this clock—I them went to the bed, shook George Harding by the leg awoke him up, and said, "How do you account, for this clock being here?"—he said "A young man brought it her in the morning"—I said, "Who is the young man?"—he shook his head—Elliott said he did not know any thing about it. he only lodged with them—I looked under the bed, and pulled a box out, and there saw some keys—I then went to the window, and beckoned to Reardon, my brother-officer, who was close by—he came, and I left him in charge of the room—on searching Edward Harding in the room, I found son him this piece of paper, which is used to light phosphorous matches—it has been used on the wrong side as if it had been used in the dark—I then handcuffed, them, and conveyed them to the station-house—as we were going along I said, "Who belongs to the room?"—George Harding said, "I do; and my brother lodges with me"—I afterwards returned to the room, and found these six keys concealed on a ledge up the chimney, also this small file, and something which has the appearance of gold-dust—among the ashes I found a screw of tobacco, and in the cupboard a lancet and a box of lucifer matches.

MATHEW REARDON . I am a policeman. I accompanied Hawker to this place—whilst he was gone with the prisoner I found this jar of tobacco, this bunch of keys, nineteen in number, and several skeletons amongst them, this file, this tool, which I do not know the name of—this other file, these two gauges, and this screw-driver, and this dark lantern, in a box—I found this key on the floor—they are all house-breaking

implements—here are also a number of other tools which I saw Serjeant Hawker find.

THOMAS ROBSON re-examined. That is the time-piece we lost, it is my aunt's—this bottle is ours, our name is on it—but the clock is the only thing I can swear to—we missed half a pound of tobacco, which was never opened, but I cannot swear to this.

Edward Harding's Defence. The time-piece was brought into our place on Sunday afternoon, about two o'clock, by a young man, with these things wrapped up in a piece of canvas, which he put into my box, and placed the time-piece in the cupboard—he said he would call for it in a few minutes, but did not return till Hawker came and charged me with the robbery—I am in the habit of using such tools as these, in plastering, and making cornice-moulds.

George Harding's Defence. I was asleep when the things were brought into the room, and knew nothing of them till Sergeant Hooker awoke me—he accused me of the robbery—I said, "Very well, I will get up and go with you," which I did—the gold-dust, as they call it, is nothing but bronze-dust, which I bought three years ago, to do the edges of frames with—as to the other things, I am innocent of them—the tools belong to my brother—the tool the policeman says he does not know the name of I use to do the heels of boots with—if my landlord was here he could say I was at home on this night.

MATTHEW RKARDON re-examined. I have belonged to the boot-making trade—I never knew such a tool as this used in it.

Elliott's Defence. I was only a lodger in the house—I was asleep at the time the things were brought in, and till Hooker came and awoke me.




Transported for Ten Years.

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