29th February 1836
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VerdictGuilty > unknown; Guilty > unknown; Guilty > unknown; Not Guilty > unknown

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827. JOHN SULLIVAN, MARY BROWN, HENRY ROACH , and JOHN YOUNG , were indicted for a misdemeanor.

The HON. MR. SCARLETT and MR. BODKIN conducted the Prosecution.

JAMES SCOTT . I am a chandler, and live in Providence-place, Commercial-road. On the 16th of January at 10 o'clock at night, the prisoner Sullivan came into my shop, and asked for a penny-worth of pudding—I served him—he gave me a shilling, I gave him 11d. change, all in copper—while he was there, he prisoner Roach came in, and asked me the way to Poplar—I told him, and he went out after Sullivan—I did notice which way either of then went—I put the shilling in till, there was no other shilling there—in about ten minutes I gave it to my daughter Harriet to buy some bread—she went out and returned to me with the shilling—I then noticed it and saw it was bad—I put it on a shelf is the shop, and it remained there till I gave it to the policeman about half-past ten o'clock—it was my misfortune that I did not look at it at first but it ran well and it had on the counter.

Cross-examined by MR. PHILLIPS. Q. You rang the shilling and gave the change before Roach came in at all? A. Yes—I saw no acquaintance between Roach and Sullivan.

HARRIET SCOTT . I went to a baker's shop on the 16th of January, with the shilling which I received from my father—the baker sounded it on the counter, and said it was bad—he did not take it out of my sight—I took it back to my father.

COURT to JAMES SCOTT. Q. How do you know that the shilling you gave your daughter was the same that Sullivan gave you? A. I put it in the till but I had no other shilling in it.

MARY WILLIAMS . My husband keeps a green-grocer"s shop at Poplar. On Saturday night the 16th of January, March Brown came to my shop, about ten o'clock or a little after—she asked for a penny-worth of onions I served her—she gave me a shilling—I saw it was bad and told her se—I returned it to her after sending it next door to know if it was bad

or not—she gave me back onion—in her left hand there were some halfpence, I should think it was 2d.—my shop is about a quarter of a mile from the last witness's—I only saw this woman.

MARY ANN SMITH . I am servant to Mr. Hiscock, of Robin Hood-lane Polpar, a green-grocer—on Saturday evening the 16th of January, at about a quarter past ten o'clock Brown came for a penny worth of onions—I served her—she gave me a shilling—I took it to my mistress in the back parlour—she gave me 11d. I gave it to the prisoner—I saw nothing more of her—on the same evening Sullivan came for a pennyworth of turnips—he offered me a shilling—I took it to my mistress, she gave me the change and I gave it to Sullivan,—it was about a quarter past ten—I saw nothing more of Brown and Sullivan till I saw them at the station-house.

Cross-examined. Q. At what hour did you see them at the station-house? A. I think about half-past eleven o'clock the same evening.

LOUISA HISCOCK . I keep a green-grocer's shop in Robin Hood-lane, Poplar. On the night of the 16th of January Smith my little—girl, brought me two shilling at two several times—I put them into my pocket, where I had anothe r shilling which was a new one with a lion on it, and two half crows—the two shilling I received from smith were very dirty—I did not notice them at the time but I was able to distinguish then from the new one which I had received from my brother—it was about half-past ten o'clock—I heard of the prisoners being in custody a little before eleven o'clock or a few minutes after—the door was never opened from the time I received the two shilling till she policeman came—my husband marked them—I am sure they are the same Smith brought me.

BROWN. I was never in the shop, nor in house till I was taken to the station-house. MARY ANN SMITH. I am certain she is the woman—I saw her in custody an hour afterwards.

WILLIAM GRIFFIN (police-sergeant 11 K.) I was at the station-house when the prisoner were brought in—I received 2s. from Mrs. Hiscock—the produced two half-crowns, three shilling and one sixpence from her pocket—I took two of the shilling and bent them—the other was a new one with a lion on it—I took Smith to the station house—she saw the prisoner and recognised Brown as being the person who passed one shilting, and Sullivan as passing the other; but he and Young have changed their names—Sullivan gave the name of Young at the station-house, and was examined as Young before the Magistrate.

HENRY MUMFORD . (police-constable H 92.) I was on duty in High-street, Poplar on Saturday evening the 16th of January—I was watching the prisoner—Sullivan and Road passed me in High-street lane—Poplar, coming from Mr. Scott's way and going towards Robin Hood-lane—upon reaching Mr. Scott's I discovered that a bad shilling had been passed there—I next saw all the four prisoner together at the end of Robin Hood-lane, conversing together about one hundred yards from where I first saw the two—I after went to Well-street and saw Sullivan on one side of the street, and Roach on the other—Well-street is near Mr. Hiscock's—I got another constable and followed the prisoners up the East India-road—I took the four into custody, with other officers—we found these onions, turnips tobacco, and one pennyworth of bread on Roach—I saw him searched and five goods sixpences, and three shilling and 5d. in copper money were found on him—Brown was searched by a female—a good.

shilling, one halfpenny, and a key, were found on her—she said she knew nothing of the other prisoners—she told me so from the first—I am certain I saw her talking with the others.

JOSEPH WHATMORE (police-constable K 266.) I searched Roach—what has been stated is correct—I received this one shilling from Mr. Scott.

JOHN FIELD I am Inspector of Coin to the Mint. These three shilllings are all counterfeit, and the one shilling taken by Mr. Scott is from the same mould with one of the others.

Sullivan's Defence. I know nothing of the other prisoners.

Brown's Defence. I know nothing of the prisoners—I was looking after a son of mine, and was inquiring for Black Boy-lane, and the officer came and took me.


BROWN— GUILTY . Aged 38.


Confined One Year.


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