5th January 1835
Reference Numbert18350105-388
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388. RICHARD COMBRON was indicted for stealing, on the 29th of December, at St. Augustine, 216 yards of printed cotton, value 5l. 17s., the goods of Isaac Lawrence and others, in their dwelling-house.

JOSEPH BIRD . I am warehouseman to Isaac Lawrence, of Nos. 4 and 5, Watling-street. The warehouse is part of the dwelling-house—I do not live there, but I am there in the daytime—it is in the parish of St. Augustine—Mr. Lawrence has two partners—they are Scotch and Manchester warehousemen—last Monday week, the 29th of December, about half-past nine o'clock in the morning, I was reading the newspaper—I heard the warehouse door open—I looked round, and saw the prisoner take up a few prints on his shoulder, and walk out with them—I had not seen him come in—I saw him taking them on his shoulder, and walk off

with them—I followed him out—he found I was after him, and threw the prints down on the pavement—I pursued him to Old Change—he ran—I pursued him across Cheapside, down Foster-lane—he was stopped there by a man—I brought him back to the warehouse, and gave him in charge; and, as I came back, I saw Mr. Mills taking the prints up off the pavement.

Cross-examined by MR. DOANE. Q. Was it a foggy morning? A. No; quite clear—I saw him take the goods, and followed him—I lost sight of him for a moment turning round the church, for about a second—nobody was running at that time—I called out, "Stop that person," when I got into Old Change, and two or three persons ran then—they were behind me—nobody was running before me—I could hear persons running behind me—I am confident nobody was running between me and the prisoner.

JAMES HALLOWELL MILLS . I live at the prosecutor's. I came into the front warehouse, and saw several persons about the door—I went out, and saw, on the pavement, nine pieces of our prints—I took them up, and brought them into our warehouse—I saw Bird on the opposite side of the road, with the prisoner in custody—Bird brought him over, and gave him in charge of the policeman—I took the prints into the warehouse—(produced) I know these to be the same as I delivered to the policeman—they are our goods, and bear our mark.

Cross-examined. Q. Is it a private mark? A. Yes; it is a character put on by some of the young men in the warehouses—it is marked in pencil on the goods—we do not take it off when we sell goods—I only know them by the mark—there is nothing to enable me to swear these have not been sold.

WILLIAM PERCIVAL (City-officer.) I received the goods from Mills, and have produced them.

JOSEPH BIRD re-examined. I lost sight of him for a moment—I am quite certain he is the man—he was only a moment turning the corner—he was running, and the only person running when I turned the corner.

Cross-examined. Q. Did you state, at any time, that you were tying up your shoe when you saw the prisoner? A. Never—I never wear shoes—the goods are worth 5l. 17s.

Prisoner's Defence. I was coming from breakfast, and going up Old Change, I heard the cry of "Stop thief," and saw a number of people running—I ran, as the rest did—a man stopped me, and said, "You had better stop"—I said, that was the man who was running—Bird came up when there were twenty people round me—he said, "I believe you are the young man; however you must come back to No. 5, Watling-street"—when I got to Old Change he gave me in charge; and, as I was going into the warehouse, a gentleman came up, and said they were thrown at his feet—the witness said, "I saw him throw them at your feet"—he said, "No; you are mistaken in the man; he is not the man"—I was going to speak to the gentleman, and Bird ordered him out of the warehouse directly—then the man who stopped me came in, and said, "I stopped the man, am I of any service?"—he said, "Perhaps you may"—he said, "I cannot say whether that is the man, or the man who was before him"—"Then," said he, "you need not attend."

JURY to JOSEPH BIRD. Q. Was the prisoner in the same dress he now wears? A. He had a light jacket on—I cannot recollect his dress now—I know his countenance well—he is the man I saw leaving the warehouse.

Prisoner. Q. You say you saw me enter the warehouse? A. No; I heard the door open—I looked round, and saw you taking the prints—I was near the counting-house door—I did not say, at the examination, that the door was open for the prints to be left to dry—I did not lose sight of you in crossing Cheapside—you were about ten yards from me when you were taken—when I came up, there was only one person by—a man came into the warehouse, who stopped you—I did not hear him say any thing myself—it was another person answered him—I did not prevent your speaking to him—I did not order him out of the warehouse—it was not required to bring that man here, as you were not out of my sight, except for a moment—I know you are the same man—I know you by your countenance.

COURT. Q. Did you see his face before the prints were taken? A. I cannot say I saw his face.

JAMES H. MILLS re-examined. I did not hear any body say he was not the person—I took the goods into the shop, and the constable followed—I was at the warehouse till the prisoner was taken away—I heard nobody say he was not the man—one man did come into the warehouse—I only heard him say, "Am I any longer wanted?" and somebody said, "No"—the prisoner said, when he was taken, that he had been out of employ a long time.

GUILTY . Aged 27.— Transported for Life.

Before Mr. Justice Bosanquet.

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