28th November 1833
Reference Numbert18331128-77
VerdictsNot Guilty

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80. DAVID PARRY was indicted for stealing, on the 12th of September , 4 yards of printed cotton, value 2s.; and 4 3/4 yards of other printed cotton, value 2s. 6d.; the goods of Thomas Darke Allin , and another, his masters ; and HANNAH PARKER was indicted for feloniously receiving the same, well knowing them to have been stolen , &c.

THOMAS SHEPPERSON . I am in partnership with Mr. Thomas Darke Allin; he has no other partner; we are warehouse-men and linen draper's ; Parry had been our porter about three months; we had his lodgings searched in St. George's-in-the-east; he told us they were his lodgings; we found there some duplicates - we went to some pawnbrokers, and saw several new articles, which no doubt belong to us; they were patterns and qualities that we know; we found two articles we can swear to.

WILLIAM BROCK . I am a pawnbroker, and live in the Commercial-road. I produce two pieces of cotton; one of them I took in from the prisoner Parker, and I have no doubt the other was pawned by her - I knew her by frequenting the shop.

Cross-examined by MR. PHILLIPS. Q. When was the one piece pawned by her? A. On the 15th of October; the prosecutor came to see if he could find any of his property in our stock; I don't think he put a mark on this piece the first time he came, but I believe he did the second; either he or his foreman came again; the first time they came, he examined this piece, and found some private mark on it.

Q. Upon your oath, did he not mark it the second time? A. I think he did; I believe he took the measure the first time, to see what length it was.

Q. Do I understand you to say, that the prosecutor put a mark on this remnant the second time he came to the shop? A. I believe he did - I will not swear he did.

COURT. Q. Can you swear whether he did or not? A. I do not remember.

ROBERT THOMAS JOHNSON . I am warehouseman to the prosecutor; I went to the pawnbroker's, and on looking at the goods by candle-light, I thought I discovered marks on this piece, but I was not certain; I could see a mark on this other - I know them to be my master's, from my own marks being on them; they had been taken from the pile in the warehouse - Parry was employed as porter to pack up and to carry out goods occasionally.

Cross-examined. Q. When had you seen this brown remnant last? A. It might be three months; I cannot tell what hands it had gone through after that; I will not swear when I had seen it in the warehouse - I first saw this piece at the pawnbroker's on the 26th of October - I did not quite identify it then, from seeing the marks by candle-light.

Q. Did you so recognise it then, that you would presume to swear to it? A. I did; I went a second time, because I had seen it first by candle-light, and I could not distinctly make out one of the marks; I said I saw a mark immediately, and I recognised it faintly.

Q. Did you not swear to me most positively, that the first time you examined this, you recognized it to be your master's; and did I not ask you why you went a second time, if you could recognise it the first? A. I went five times to satisfy myself; I saw marks faintly, but being by candle-light, I was not certain.

ROBERT BERWICK . I was in the police. I searched Parry, but found nothing on him; I went to their lodgings; I found Parker there and searched the lodging, but found nothing which led to any thing of

the prosecutors; I asked Parker if she had any duplicates; she gave me some, and I selected six, two of which lead to this property; I went with Johnson to the pawnbroker's, and he identified one of these pieces and stuck a pin in it, but the other, it being candlelight, he could not recognise; he went again on the Monday after, recognised it, and stuck a pin in it; we asked Parker how she got these; she said Parry brought them to her - she cohabited with him.

THOMAS SHEPPERSON. To the best of my belief this property is mine.

JURY. Q. Do you cut your goods? A. No; they must have been stolen in whole pieces, if at all; we have sold pieces of these patterns.


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