8th September 1831
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1627. THOMAS BIGWOOD was indicted for stealing, on the 14th of July , 1 watch, value 1l.; 1 chain, value 2s.; 2 seals, value 5s.; 1 key, value 1s., and 4 halfcrowns, the property of James Whitty from his person ; and that he had been before convicted of felony.

JAMES WHITTY . I live in Water-lane, Fleet-street. On the 14th of July, I was in West Smithfield , about twelve o'clock at night, in company with the prisoner, and another man and woman, who were his friends; I had before that lost a sovereign, and the prisoner said, at Smithfield, that he did not believe it, and wished me to count my money over - I did so, and, in counting it, dropped a farthing: the prisoner said directly, "There goes half a crown;" I said it was only a farthing, and pulled out my watch to see the time - the woman said, "Look at his watch;" I was sober - the man in a white jacket immediately held up his head, and said, "What is it o'clock?" I said, "Nearly twelve;" he said, "Let us look," and immediately took it from me - the prisoner immediately seized me by my right arm, and said, "Come along, I want to get home, it is wet;" I said, "Where are your friends? they have got my watch;" he said, "They will be here in a minute;" he immediately put his hand into my waistcoat pocket, and took the remaining money which I had - it was four half-crowns, and 1s, or 1s. 6d.

Prisoner. Q.We had been drinking all day - can you swear I took your money out of your pocket? A. You did, nearly opposite Long-lane, on the other side of the way - I lost 15s. in all; I lost the sovereign in Brick-lane, and gave you leave to search my pocket, but that was before I lost the watch - I made my money 16s.; he counted it, and said there were only 11s. - I can swear there were four half-crowns; the other man did not search my pocket- I had been to Shadwell with a young man, who was a patient in the hospital with me, and the prisoner went with us - as we returned about ten o'clock the prisoner asked us to go into a public-house, and we staid there half an hour - a man brought a woman in, and put her opposite the prisoner; he did not recognize her at first, but afterwards said she was his sister, and had come from the country - I left there about eleven o'clock, and they all followed me; I told the prisoner I was a stranger, and would he see me a little way home - he said he would, and at Finsbury-square I said I knew my way then, and would not trouble him.

THOMAS McNEIL . I am a wheelwright, and live at Clerkenwell-green. I was in Smithfield, and heard the

prosecutor accuse the prisoner of robbing him; the prisoner said he had not a farthing in his pocket, and was willing to be searched; I stood there a little bit, and the prisoner took the prosecutor aside, and said, "Come with me, I'll find your watch and money;" we went a little way, and then the prisoner bolted off; we followed, and saw him under an archway, pulling out four half-crowns and 1s. 6d.; I said, "Give this young man the money, it is not yours: he said, "I will keep what I have got," and escaped, but was afterwards taken: I returned, and told the watchman.

JOHN CARLISLE . I am an officer. I apprehended the prisoner next day, in consequence of information from McNeil and the prosecutor - I took him and his sister in Smithfield.

CHARLES THOROGOOD . I produce a certificate of the conviction of the prisoner for felony, on the 20th of December; (read) - I know he is the man.

GUILTY of stealing the half-crowns only . Aged 23.

Transported for Fourteen Years .

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