7th April 1831
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VerdictGuilty > lesser offence

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934. JOHN BRADFORD was indicted for stealing, on the 3rd of April , 2 crowns, 1 half-crown, and 1 sixpence, the monies of John Franks , alias John Francis , from his person .

JOHN FRANKS . I am a seaman , and lodge at the Dundee Arms, Wapping. On Saturday, the 3rd of April, I was at a public-house, and met a young woman, named Jane - I went with her to a house, where I saw the prisoner and two women; I then had 14s. 6d. in my pocket- the young woman was drunk; she invited me to go to the house - the prisoner asked me to play at cards with him, which I did; it was my deal - I took the cards in my hand, gave him six, and took six for myself; he let one of the cards fall on the table, and said it was a misdeal - we were playing at all-fours; the prisoner then said, "You d - d black b - r, you have got no money;" I put my hand into my left-hand waistcoat pocket, took out my money, and laid it on the table - he then gave me a sudden blow in the eye, and when I put my hand to my eye, he took up my money, put his hand into my pocket and tore it, but I had no money there; I went out of the house, and, as I did not know the number, I took out my knife, and cut four marks on the window-shutter- I got an officer, and the prisoner was taken sitting on a chair; I was sober.

THOMAS BATES . I am a Police-constable. At twenty minutes before two o'clock on the Sunday morning, the prisoner came to me - I went with him to No. 9, Matchwalk, Shadwell - I saw four cuts on the shutter - I went in,

and saw the prisoner and three women - I was going to search the prisoner with Serjeant Garde, who was with me, when he pulled 15s. out of his pocket; he said it was his own - he put 14s. into the serjeant's hand, and 1s. fell on the table - he said he had changed a sovereign at the Green Dragon, Stepney, and then afterwards said at the Blue Anchor.

WILLIAM ROBERT GARDE . I am a Police-serjeant. I went to the house and saw the marks on the shutters - what has been said is correct.

Prisoner's Defence. I called to see a friend - the prosecutor was called in by one of the ladies; he drank out of a pot of porter, and they asked him to play at all fours; we played, he made a mis-deal, and I told him of it - he got up, put his hands across, and said, "I will not pay"- he pulled out no money, and I never saw a farthing of money while I was there - he went backwards, and was there half an hour with one of the women; we then played at cards, and when he got up and put his arm across, I just touched him a cross back-hander, and said, "I won't play any more, I don't think you have any money" - he is one of the biggest brutes that ever lived, to swear that I ever got off my seat - the woman he went home with says he had but 1s. 8 1/2d. in his pocket.

JANE HILLYER . I live at No. 9, Well's-row, Shadwell. On that Saturday night I went into the Ship and Shears -I saw the prosecutor there drinking a pint of beer; I went with him to the house where the prisoner was - I was not sober, and I was not very tipsy - I took the prosecutor into my room; he wanted to stay all night with me - I asked what he was going to give me; he looked into all his pockets and said all he had was 1s. 0 1/2d. - I said I could not stay with him for that - he then went out of my room, and did not give me any money.

EMMA BERRY . On that Saturday night the prosecutor came into my room, and said he was not going to stay with that young woman, as he had not money enough - he asked if I would stay with him, and he would pay me the next day - I said No - he then said he would have a game at cards for half-a-pint of gin; while we were playing, he began to cheat me, and then I would not play with him; he then said he would keep playing with the prisoner; he dropped a card, and said it was the prisoner who dropped it; some words arose between them; he called the prisoner some names - the prisoner got up and struck him, across the table, on the eye - there was nothing done to the prosecutor's pocket after he was struck, nor before, but what he did himself when he took out the 1s. 0 1/2d. and put them in again - when he was struck he got up, bade us good night, and went out - he came in again, stood before the prisoner, and said, "You have struck me on one side, now strike me on the other - the prisoner would not, and said he wanted to have nothing to say to him - he then went out, and returned with the officer.

ELIZABETH FOGWELL . The prisoner has lodged with me for nine months. On that Saturday he had been at work with my husband, and received a sovereign and a halfpenny, the same as my husband did, but I was not there; I saw him have the sovereign in his possession at six o'clock, and at seven he changed it at the Green Dragon, Stepney; he did not come home to my house that night - we were waiting for him; he is a coal-whipper.

ANN CHAMBERLAIN . The prisoner was at my house at seven o'clock that night with the silver in his hand; there appeared to be nearly 1l. worth, and there was a five shilling piece among it.

ANN IVES . I live at No. 2, James-street, Limehousefields. I am a tailoress; on that Saturday evening I saw the prisoner with some silver in his hand, which he took out to look for 1s. to send for some peppermint; I saw some half-crowns amongst it.

THOMAS BATES re-examined. Q. Before you took the prisoner, did the prosecutor state what money he had lost? A. Yes; he said he had lost 13s. 6d. or 14s. - I have inquired, and found the prisoner has got his living by coal-work till the last five months.

JURY. Q. Did the prosecutor state what his silver consisted of? A. Yes; he said a crown-piece, and some half-crowns - I found on the prisoner one crown, three half-crowns, two shillings, and one sixpence.

Prisoner. There was 1s. and 1 1/2d found on him, and that was all the money he had.

GUILTY of stealing only . Aged 38.

Transported for Seven Years .

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