28th October 1830
Reference Numbert18301028-13
VerdictGuilty; Guilty
SentenceDeath; Death

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Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Baron Garrow.

1853. THOMAS BIGGINS & JAMES RICHARDSON were indicted for feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Mary Cuthbertson , on the 22nd of October , at St. Marylebone, and stealing therein 18 snuff-boxes, value 30s., and 4 German pipes, with silver tops, value 16s., her property .

MARY CUTHBERTSON. I am a widow , and keep a tobacconist's shop , in Chapel-street, Lisson-green, in the parish of St. Marylebone , and keep the house. On Friday, the 22nd of October, I went out at seven o'clock and left a little girl at home; the shop window was quite sound then - I returned at eight, found it cut or broken, and property taken out; the opening was large enough for a boy's hand to go through, and take property - I missed eighteen snuff-boxes, and some German pipes, which were within reach; (examining the property) here is a German pipe, with a silver top - I know this, and here are some snuff-boxes which I know; they are marked inside - I missed several.

JOSEPH HAINSWORTH . I am a Policeman. I was in Chapel-street on the Friday evening in question, from six o'clock till nine - I saw five or six boy s about Cuthbertson's window, and ordered them away two or three times; the prisoners were two of them, and Littleton another - I ordered them away from the corner of an unfinished street that night; next morning I saw the two prisoners and Littleton go into a baker's shop-I had heard of this robbery; I saw them change some money, and thought I saw the shape of a snuff-box in one of their pockets; I apprehended Richardson. and found a pair of scissors and a ponknife on him - I told him what I took him for, and he said he knew nothing about it.

CHARLES CLARKE . I am a Policeman. On Saturday morning I was on duty, and assisted Hainsworth in pursuing the prisoners, and apprehended Biggins - he ran very fast; I saw him throw this bowl of a pipe over a wall - I followed, and brought him back, and then went and got the bowl; on searching him I found the stem, which appears to belong to the bowl, concealed in the lining of his coat - I found this snuff-box concealed in the lining of his coat, under his arm; next day, Sunday, I saw Littleton, and he said something to me.

WILLIAM HUTCHINS . I live near Lisson-green, and keep a donkey-cart. On the Saturday morning I was coming from Covent-garden; the prisoners followed my cart, and asked a boy in the cart if he would buy two boxes - they said they wanted some bread, and had just picked the boxes up in the street - the boy said he had but 6d.; he gave them 6d. for two boxes, and I bought two of them for 2d.; I afterwards heard of the robbery, went to Cuthbertson's, and delivered them up - I bought my two of Richardson.

JAMES LITTLETON . I was coming down Chapel-street, with my little brother, and saw the two prisoners and three other boys - Biggins asked me to give him a piece of poratoe; I did so - he said, "Come on, we are going to take some snuff-boxes from here; I have done it three or four times this summer, and have never been caught"- he said when the omnibus was going by be pushed the glass in, and took things out; they said they had never been found out - I went with them: he pushed the glass in, and each of us helped ourselves to goods.

Biggins. That boy gave me the scissors to cut the window.

JAMES LITTLETON. Richardson took the scissors out of a shop in the Harrow-road, after this job was done.

MARY CUTHBERTSON . My window has been broken and property stolen four times this summer.

Biggins' sister gave him a good character.


[Nov. 1.]

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