9th April 1829
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732. JAMES JONES was indicted for stealing, on the 29th of November , 4 sheets, value 30s.; 1 table-cloth, value 4l; 7 napkins, value 10s., and 1 box, value 2s. , the goods of Laurence Peel , Esq .

SARAH TURNER . I am housekeeper to Laurence Peel, Esq., of Park-street, Grosvenor-square . In October last the family were out of town; the prisoner's wife was left in care of the house - I did not know her; Mr. Marsh, Mr. Peel's agent, had put them in possession - I came to town the beginning of October, for some things to take to the family at Tonbridge-wells; I found the prisoner there - I went to the linen chest, gave him the key, and he unlocked it for me; I saw that he could not lock the chest afterwards, but I locked the door of the room in which it was, and took the key with me - I went away, leaving him; his wife was not there at the time - I came to town again on the 23l. of December, and then missed the articles charged in the indictment; I could not tell whether the room was broken open - I understood the prisoner had been coachman to Mrs. Hughes Ball before he was put in possession.

JAMES HILL . I am in the employ of a pawnbroker in Guildford-street. I produce a table-cloth, five napkins, and a little toilet-box, which I bought of the prisoner on the 30th of August; I had before that, seen a book in his possession, with I Peel upon it - I heard of the robbery, and put the box by, expecting to see him again: he came some time afterwards, and asked me to buy some tablecloths which were in pawn: I said I would, and told him to bring the duplicate - he brought an affidavit of them, and I went and got them out; these are the articles - I saw L.P. on them: he came again at seven o'clock, as I had told him, and he was taken into custody.

WILLIAM HENRY BARNES . Hill sent me to redeem these table-cloths from Mr. Cotterell's.

WILLIAM PACKER . I am foreman to Mr. Cotterell, a pawnbroker. I have four sheets, which were pawned by the same person who made the affidavit of the table-cloths, by which I can state that it was the prisoner who pawned them.

THOMAS CLEMENTS . I went to the house, and examined the door; it had not been forced - it must have been opened with a key: I examined the box, and found it had been opened in a very coarse manner, by a chisel.(Property produced and sworn to.)

Prisoner's Defence It is very singular the pawnbroker should not stop me at the time he took the box, instead of keeping it from August till March; I had been out of employ from July till Christmas, and got nothing but a few shillings to take care of this house.

GUILTY . Aged 36.

Transported for Seven Years .

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