23rd October 1828
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Before Mr. Justice Park.

1958. GEORGE THOMPSON was indicted for feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of George Frederick Young , on the 29th of September , at St. Anne , and stealing therein 3 silver mugs, value 3l.; 1 silver waiter, value 5l.; 1 tea-pot, value 10l.; 8 spoons, value 2l., and 1 ladle, value 2l., his property .

MR. PHILLIPS conducted the prosecution.

GEORGE FREDERICK YOUNG. I live at Limehouse , in the parish of St. Anne. On the 29th of September I slept at home, and was awoke by a tapping at my door, a little after two o'clock in the morning - I found Johnson, my servant, at my door, and in consequence of what he said I armed myself with a brace of pistols; I went over the house, and at last came to the foot of the stairs, to an area which leads into the garden - I found one of the pannels of the area door cut out, and laid outside; the door was perforated with holes all round, and the door itself was open: on returning up stairs, and going out at the street door, I met Long - I saw the prisoner close at my street door, with Long; I went to the watch-house, and was shown a silver mug and soup-ladle: I afterwards saw eight silver tea-spoons at Lambeth-street office - the silver mug had a cypher on it, which I positively swear to; the other articles were not marked, but I have not the slightest doubt of their being mine.

Prisoner. Q. When I was apprehended, did you not say you would blow my brains out? A. I said it was fortunate for you that I did not catch you in the house, or I should have blown your brains out.

Q. You said, "Let the rascal go, and I will blow his brains out?" A. I did not.

MICHAEL LONG . I am a sailor. On the 29th of September, about half-past two o'clock in the morning, Mr. Young spoke to me in the street, and in consequence of what he said I watched at the back of his garden wall - I saw a young man drop from the wall, and about a minute afterwards I saw another man drop - that was the prisoner - I attempted to stop him; he lifted his hand up, with something in it, and said, "I will cut you down if you don't let me pass;" I could not see what it was - he passed me; I followed him, and came up to him; I was about three yards from him, and saw him heave this silver mug away - I stooped, and picked it up; I put it into my pocket, ran. and collared him, about twenty yards from where I took up the mug; I had never lost sight of him, and am quite certain he is the person who dropped from the wall - Norris came up, and I gave it to him.

RICHARD JOHNSON . I am servant to Mr. Young. On the 29th of September I was alarmed in the night, and awoke master; the area-door was shut and barred the night before and the pannel safe - I afterwards saw Long with the prisoner; I did not see any body drop from the wall.

JOSEPH ADAMS . I am beadle of the night. I was at the watch-house between three and four o'clock in the morning, when the prisoner was brought in; I searched him, and found a soup-ladle, the stock of a centre-bit, two centre-bits, a gimblet and dark-lantern; I asked his name, he said I might guess it, but in the morning he gave his name George Thompson: Lee, the watchman, brought the mug to me.

JOHN LEE . I am a watchman of Limehouse. I was on duty, about two hundred yards from Mr. Young's garden, a little after two o'clock in the morning, and saw two persons making towards me; the one who has escaped threw two jugs into the river, which was afterwards dragged; I saw the prisoner running and pursued him; I saw something shining in his hand - I came up when he was taken, and asked him where the property was which I had seen in his hand, and this jug was given to me by Long; when he saw me, he turned round, and I saw something shining in his hand - I did not see him stopped, but came up soon after.

JOHN NORRIS . I am an officer of Lambeth-street. On the 30th of September I searched the prisoner at the office,

and found eight silver tea-spoons in his drawers, rolled up in his shirt, between his legs.

Prisoner. Q. Were you not told to search me by a person who gave you half a crown, to prevent his going to the House of Correction? A. Certainly not; he was under no charge whatever, nor under any suspicion; the prisoner said the grabbers on this side of the water were very good, for they did not half search, and from that I thought I would search him.

JOHN LEE . I am an officer of Lambeth-street. I went to Mr. Young's house on the 30th of September, and brought this pannel away, (producing it) here are twenty or thirty marks of two different centre-bits on it; I applied the two centre-bits to it - one of them fitted the marks, and the gimblet fitted the hole in the middle.

RICHARD JOHNSON. I am servant to the prosecutor. I believe these eight tea-spoons to be Mr. Young's; he had eight of that description and I missed them; there is R. T. on the back, which was on his - it is the maker's initials - he had a sonp-ladle of this description, no mark is on it, but from its appearance, I believe it to be his; the mug I know - it has the cypher on it.

MR. YOUNG. The river was dragged, and a tea-pot produced to me; the value of all the property lost could not be less than 30l.; there was a silver waiter which I have heard nothing of - I know this mug.

GUILTY - DEATH . Aged 17.

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