20th February 1822
Reference Numbert18220220-91
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty

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416. JAMES THATCHER was indicted for stealing on the 8th of January , forty quires of printed paper, value 20 s.; one hundred quires of other printed paper, value 50 s., and 200 lbs. of waste paper, value 4 l. , the goods of John Nichols and John Bowyer Nichols ; and JOHN EATON was indicted for feloniously receiving the same, knowing it to be stolen .

MR. JOHN BOWYER NICHOLS . I am in partnership with my father, whose name is John; we are printers and booksellers , and live in Parliament-street. Thatcher had been in our service, and left about five weeks before this occured.

FREDRICK SMITH. I was in Mr. Nichols service. Five or six weeks before Thatcher was taken up, I suspected him, and told Britten my suspicions, as he had charge of the place, and in about five week I mentioned it to Mr. Nichols. The paper was kept in the back warehouse, in Cannon-row. A week or two before Thatcher was taken up, he told me he had taken paper from the warehouse in Cannon-row - I told Blanshard, and he was taken up. He said he had sold it, but did not say to whom.

WILLIAM BLANSHARD . I was in Mr. Nichols's service About the 15th of January, Thatcher and Smith were quarrelling in the office, and Smith said he would tell something about Thatcher's conduct, that would bring him before a Justice; Thatcher said if any thing burnt in his heart to let it out; he was not in the employ then, he only came to see Smith. In consequence of what Smith told me I informed my employers. Part of the paper was found at Wright's, by the Coburg Theatre, some at Mahon's in Coburg-row, and more at Mahon's in Suffolk-street.

HENRY BRITTEN . I have been in Mr. Nicholls's service five years, last summer. I and Thatcher were employed to sell some imperfect books, for waste paper, they were sold, in the warehouse, to one Murphy, and one day, I said to Thatcher,

"I should like to have the value of that pile of paper," pointing to it; he said,

"I will tell you where you can sell it, without Mr. Nicholls knowing it." Two or three days after, he prevailed on me to take part of the money, which he said he had got for selling some - this was about October; I knew he had taken some away. My share was 18 s. On the Friday before the Saturday, on which we were taken into custody, Thatcher came running to the warehouse, in King-street, I beckoned to him to go out; he said

"The old thief, (meaning Smith) has sold me, but I can bring up as much against him as he can against me pretty well;" I was once going out of this warehouse, with a bundle of paper; I met him, and he told me to go on, for it was all right, and at another time, I was in Cannon-row with him, and he asked me to take a bundle and to help him with his left hand. He then left, and was apprehended next day; he told me where he sold the paper - I do not know Eaton.

JOSEPH MAHON , I am a stationer, and live in Great Suffolk-street, Borough. On the 8th of January, I bought three parcels of waste paper, with a great deal more, of Eaton - he has frequently sold me paper, he dealt in it to a large extent. I gave it my brother, who delivered it to Mr. Wright.

THOMAS MAHON . I received the paper of my brother, and sold it to Mr. Wright. It is about 1 cwt. of printed paper.

WILLIAM WRIGHT . I am a bookseller. I bought the paper of Mahon, in quires, as books wanting plate - I gave a waste price for it; about 1 s. a pound.

EDWARD JOHN HANDLEY . I am officer of Queen-square. I apprehended Thatcher, on the 19th of January, at Granby-place, Lambeth-marsh; we told him it was for robbing Mr. Nichols - he made no reply. On the 21st I went to Eaton's house, and apprehended him; I told him our business; he took a file down, said he had bought the paper of a lad named Thatcher, and produced this receipt for the money. (reads)

"From Mr. Nichols, 68 lbs. at 5 d. per pound, 1 l. 8 s. 4 d. Paid, I. Thatcher." He said he had given a fair price for it. We found two bundles at Wright's, one at Joseph, and two at Thomas Mahon 's.

WILLIAM BLANCHARD . I have seen Thatcher write, and believe the receipt to be his writing.

JOSEPH COOPER . I was with Handley. I have known Eaton twenty-four years; he is a most respectable man, and has an excellent character.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

MR. NICHOLLS. I never gave him authority to sell this paper to Eaton.

THATCHER'S Defence. I went home with Smith, and lost 6 s. I accused him of taking it, and he told Mr. Nicholls this.


Transported for Seven Years .


Second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Common Sergeant.

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