14th February 1821
Reference Numbert18210214-115
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty; Guilty; Not Guilty
SentencesTransportation; Transportation

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454. THOMAS PIKE and THOMAS DOVE were indicted for stealing, on the 18th of January , 200 lbs. of iron, value 15 s. , the goods of John Milner , Thomas Ward , and Robert Ward ; WILLIAM COOPER , alias HOMAN , and CATHERINE JOHNSON , alias HOMAN , were indicted for feloniously receiving the same, well knowing it to have been stolen .

MR. ADOLPHUS conducted the prosecution.

JOHN BLAND . I am a blacksmith, in the employ of Messrs. John Milner , Thomas Ward , and Robert Ward , who have a wharf at Wapping-wall , and are blacksmiths , and mast-makers ; Pike was in their employ as blacksmith , and Dove was a waterman ; the men go to dinner at one o'clock, and return at two o'clock. On the 18th of January, I was eating my dinner, in the shop, Pike came in, and said,

"Old man, have you any beer to give away?" I said

"No, I have not, for I buy it." He then said something to the boy about looking out; I said No, I would have no such thing. He then went out; I went out soon after, and saw him handing iron over the wharf to Dove, who was in his boat - it was high-water. I said to Pike,

"This is a barefaced thing, I cannot keep it secret." He moved his hand for me to be silent, and I said nothing. He had no business to send iron off.

THOMAS ROACH . I am son-in-law to Bland, and was dining with him; I looked out of the window, and saw Pike standing in the top-house, where they make the ship's tops. I told my father, and soon after Pike came in and asked for beer; he said something about looking out, which I could not understand. We went out, and saw him giving Dove the iron into the boat - it was his dinner-time.

ALEXANDER MITCHELL . I am a Thames-police officer. On the 19th of January, I was fetched to the prosecutor's premises, and took Pike; Dove was sent for to the office. I asked him if he had taken any iron from the premises; he said he had, and had taken it to Wapping dock-stairs; that he and the female prisoner (who he called Homan's wife) carried it from the boat to a house there. I took him there, and he pointed out a house in King Edward-street, where he said he left it (it is Kean's house). I found the iron there.

MARY KEAN , I live in King Edward-street. The officer found the iron at my house; the female prisoner and Dove brought it there in three or four lots. She asked me to let her leave a lot of iron there, which her husband had bought at a sale over the water, as the boat she engaged to fetch it, had came to Wapping dock-stairs instead of

New-crane, where she lives. Dove said he would help her in with it, but he had not time.

Prisoner COOPER. Q.Your name is not Kean - A. No, but I have lived with Mr. Kean seven years as his wife, but as my husband is not dead, I am not married to him.

JOSEPH KEAN. On the evening of the 18th of January, Cooper came to my house, and asked if any iron had been left there for him. I said there was; he asked for a light to look at it - he turned it over, said it was all right, and said he would fetch it away next morning.

Prisoner COOPER. Q. Did I not say I supposed it was all right - A. He said,

"It is all right."

JOHN ROBERTS . I am foreman to the prosecutors. The iron is their property. I have known Dove some time, Pike is his brother-in-law. I have seen Cooper on my masters' premises, and my masters told me always to order him out - he used to go about buying old iron. When we employ waterman they always have a delivery note.

Prisoner COOPER. Q. Have I not dealt with your master - A. Six months back my masters bought some nails of him, as they could get none elsewhere.

PIKE's Defence, (written.) I acknowledge myself guilty of the crime, and have nothing to say in my behalf, when I have plunged three innocent individuals into an abyss of misery. I employed Dove to take the iron to Cooper for sale.

DOVE's Defence. Pike hired me to fetch the iron away. I did not suppose it to have been stolen.

COOPER's Defence. I had nothing to do with it.

JOHNSON'S Defence. I and my husband dealt in marine-stores. Dove came and said he had a quantity of iron for sale; I agreed to buy it, not suspecting it to have been stolen, and in the evening told my husband I had left it at Kean's till he called to see it.

PIKE - GUILTY . Aged 30.

Transported for Seven Years .


COOPER - GUILTY . Aged 30.

Transported for Fourteen Years .


First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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