21st April 1819
Reference Numbert18190421-79
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesImprisonment; Transportation

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579. WILLIAM GROVES was indicted for stealing, on the 28th of February , four bushels of oats, value 14 s.; two trusses of hay, value 8 s.; half of a bushel of beans, value 2 s., and three bushels and a half of chaff, value 4 s. , the goods of William Parkins and John Thompson ; and WILLIAM THOMS was indicted for feloniously receiving the same, well knowing them to have been stolen .

WILLIAM INSON . I am a labourer. On the 27th of February, between five and six o'clock in the morning, I was going down the Adelphi , looking for a job, and saw Groves go into the prosecutors' warehouse, and bring out a sack of oats on his back - he took them down the ride - Thoms's horse and cart were waiting there. Groves beckoned to his own boy, the boy beckoned to him, and then went into Thoms's stable with Groves; they could not get the sack untied, Groves said

"why don't you make haste" - they cut the string, and emptied the sack into a large thing which was there; they then came out, and went away. Soon after Groves brought another sack, and put it into a dark place there; he then laid hold of one end and Thoms took the other, and both carried it into Thoms's stable. Groves told Thoms he must have the empty sack, Thoms said you shall have it bye-and-bye. Groves said,

"if I can get the sack back, I can get another skin." He went into the stable. I saw Thoms carry a truss of meadow hay into his stable, but who he had it from I do not know. He pulled a piece out, and gave it to his horse - he then locked the stable door, and went away.

Cross-examined by MR. BOLLAND. Q. Did you ever

live with the prosecutors - A. Once; they discharged me Thoms was about a hundred yards off, with his cart. I told the watchman of it in the evening. I went to his house, but I could not find him before.

JOHN THOMPSON . I am in partnership with William Parkins . On the 27th of February the watchman told me of the robbery; next morning we went to Thoms's stable, and saw a quantity of chaff, corn and beans, mixed - about seven bushels altogether, and about two trusses of meadow hay, it was remarkable old hay, and very full of flower, like mine. I compared the chaff and beans with mine, and believe them to be mine. Groves was my servant.

WILLIAM DUNFORD . I am the prosecutors' watchman. On the 27th of February Inson gave me information - I told the prosecutors next day, and assisted in searching Thoms's stable. I told him he was my prisoner, he asked for what? I told him he was concerned in stealing some hay, clover, and other things from the prosecutors' stable. I was going to touch a truss of hay on my right hand, Thoms said,

"if that truss on my left hand belongs to Thompson, the other does not." I took eight bushels of chaff, beans, and oats - part of them were in a tub, and the rest in a box. I compared them with the prosecutors' - they appear the same.

THOMS' Defence. It is a spiteful piece of business. I buy my hay.

GROVES - GUILTY . Aged 22.

Confined Six Months .

THOMS - GUILTY . Aged 55.

Transported for Seven Years .

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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