6th July 1814
Reference Numbert18140706-25
VerdictGuilty; Guilty

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585. JOACHIM BOAS and MOSES ROCHATZ were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 14th of June , twelve yards of muslin, value 30 l. the property of John Simpson .

FREDERICK WHISTLER . I am in the service of Mr. Simpson; he is a Manchester warehouseman , in Bow church-yard. On Tuesday the 14th of June, the two prisoners came to Mr. Simpson's warehouse, about a quarter past six in the evening; they told me they wanted cambrics.

Q. Did they speak English - A. I do not think they can speak English at all. I took them into the cambric warehouse, and shewed them fine French cambrics; they looked at several pieces. I opened three or four papers for them, each paper containing twenty-five pieces. After five or ten minutes, they looked at the same pieces again, putting the goods behind them, and slipping over packs; they laid them behind them. I then thought they were after thieving them. I waited a little while. I saw Boas attempt to put a piece under his coat. Boas had got part of a piece off the counter; he then saw I was looking at him; he put it back. A short time after that, Rochatz got further from me, took his place, and while I was talking with Boas, I heard five pieces fall off the counter; I then said, you will spoil all the goods. They both appeared very much agitated. My brother was with me; I told him I thought they were after thieving, and desired him to watch. I began to talk with Rochatz; he took out of his pocket a paper. I thought he wanted to take the numbers and prices. I told the porter to fetch him a pencil. While he was gone, Boas came near me; the other took his place. I was in a narrow place. Boas opened a piece of muslin, held it up before me, began talking about the width,

saying six quarters; he held it five minutes up; that made me suspect the other man was secreting something; it was impossible for me to see without rising upon my toe. I looked over the muslin, and saw part of a piece of muslin under Rochatz's coat. I immediately thrusted by Boas, and as I got to Rochatz, he turned round; I got hold of him, and pulled the piece of muslin from under his coat; I pulled it out, and threw it on the counter. I hallooed to my brother, and the porter to fetch Mr. Simpson Mr . Simpson and my brother came I gave them both in charge. I did not mark the piece directly.

Q. I believe you are not able to say which piece it was - A. I am not. I can swear it was the one the constable has, or this. I should have no doubt only in their putting the muslin back, they put it out of fold. I afterwards found another piece rumpled. I cannot be sure whether it might not be the other. They are both muslin.

GEORGE WHISTLER . I am brother to the last witness. My brother desired me to watch the prisoners while Boas was holding up the muslin. I went to the side of the counter. I saw Rochatz endeavouring to conceal a piece of muslin under his coat; when I perceived that, I ran for Mr. Simpson.

HENRY MACKRAEL . I am a constable. The prisoner was given into my charge, and this piece of muslin likewise.

Frederick Whistler . These two pieces I can swear they are both Mr. Simpson's property. I have examined them; one of them has my own mark; the other has the mark of the same parcels. They are the same goods I was shewing to them.

Boas's Defence. I came to England on the 27th of May; I did not come to rob this country, or to settle.

Rochatz's Defence. The same.

BOAS, GUILTY , aged 28.


London jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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