13th May 1812
Reference Numbert18120513-6
SentenceImprisonment > house of correction; Miscellaneous > fine

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434. ANNE JOHNSON was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 26th of April , a dollar, value 5 s. 6 d. and twenty-seven shillings in monies numbered, and three one pound bank notes, the property of Augustine le Maire , from his person .

AUGUSTIN LE MAIRE . I am a waiter at Ellis's Coffee house, Old Palace Yard. On the 29th of March I was rather in liquor, I called a coach at Charing Cross to convey myself home; and as I got in the coach the prisoner came against the steps of the coach, she said she found I was going down to Westminster, she begged that I would give her a lift, I refused the first time she asked me again, I agreed for her to come in the coach, I went with her. When I got into New Palace Yard, against the New Square, she got out first, she said, good night, and I said, good night. I put my hand into my pocket to pay the coachman his fare, I found my silver deficient, I paid the coachman eighteen pence, his fare, I followed the prisoner, she was not out of sight, I told her that she had robbed me, she said she had not. I told her if she did not return me my money what she had got, I would take her to the watch-house. The watchman came by at the time.

Q. What time of the might was this. - A. Very near one o'clock, I told the watchman if this woman did not return me my money, I would give her in change, she still denied having any of my money. She was taken to the watch-house, I gave charge of her to the constable of the night, the constable searched her, and found the money upon her.

Q. You say you were rather in liquor. - A. I was.

Q. Before you called the Hackney coach, and before you saw this woman, can you swear how much money you had in your pocket. - A. I had from forty to fifty shillings of silver in my pocket, and a dollar among the silver. There was ten shillings and sixpence left behind in my pocket.

Q. Do you think you should know the dollar again. - A. Yes, I think in the morning I saw two or three marks upon it, by which I should know it again. I did not know that I was robbed of a piece of brown paper until the constable brought it out in his hand, I told him if it was mine there were three one pound notes in it. I felt in my pocket, I found the brown paper was missing.

WILLIAM PATRICK . I was watchman on the 26th of April last. Le Maire and the prisoner came towards my heat, he followed the prisoner and catched her, I heard the dispute, he said, give me my money, I came up immediately, the prosecutor said the prisoner had robbed him, she denied it, I took her to the watch-house, she offered me a dollar to let her go.

Q. Did she produce the dollar. - A. No, she promised it me, I told her I would not take any money. The constable searched her at the watch-house, he pulled out a handfull of silver, among which was a dollar. When the constable took out a piece of brown paper, Le Maire said, that brown paper is mine, open it, and you will find three one pound bank notes in it. The constable opened it, it contained three one-pound bank notes.

DANIEL BUCHANAN . I am a constable. On the night of the 26th of April, near one o'clock, the prisoner was brought in by the watchman and Le Maire, I searched her, in her pocket I found forty-four shillings, and three one pound notes. Among the silver were two dollars, one was her own, it was given to her by the magistrate, and among them I found this piece of brown paper. I was in the act of throwing the brown paper away, Le Maire said, do not throw that away, because it contains three one-pound notes, I then opened it, and saw these three one-pound bank notes.

Prosecutor. It is my dollar, I know it by a G upon it, and I had three notes in this brown paper.

Prisoner's Defence. I am not guilty. The gentleman asked me to get into the coach and take a ride home, the gentleman let the money fall, he told me pick it up, I did, he followed me, and when the watchman laid hold of me, I resigned the money.

GUILTY , aged 38.

Confined Two Years in the House of Correction and fined 1 s.

First Middlesex jury, before Mr. Baron Graham.

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