30th October 1811
Reference Numbert18111030-142
SentenceImprisonment > newgate

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941. RICHARD DENTON was indicted for a misdemeanor .

THOMAS BRANSCOMB . I am one of the city constables. On the 27th of June last I went, in company with Mr. Nalder and Drinkwater, to the Fleet prison; we went into the prisoner's apartment, and searched the room, and Drinkwater found a ten pound plate, which he immediately gave into my custody; the prisoner came in, I shewed him the plate, he acknowledged it to be his. We found a great number of notes, one's, two's, ten's, twenty's, and fifty's. I delivered them to Mr. Nalder, and the plate.

WILLIAM DRINKWATER . I went with Branscomb to the prisoner's apartment; when he came in we told him we had found the plate; he looked at the plate and said he had got no more there; we asked him if he had any one's or two's; he told us that if we went to Greenhill Rents we should find them. He acknowledged this to be his plate.

FRANCIS NALDER . Q. You are one of the City Marshals - A. I am.

Q. Did you receive this plate from Branscomb - A. I did; I am certain it is the same, and I received a large quantity of notes also, I delivered them to Mr. Westwood.

MR. WESTWOOD. These are the two parcels of notes I received from Mr. Nalder.

JOSEPH HENRY HARPER . I am one of the engravers of the bank of England.

Q. You see a promissory note engraven upon that plate - A. I do. The sum is white letters on a black ground. I took an impression from the plate; this is a an impression of that plate.

Mr. Alley. The bank notes are engraven with white letters on a black ground - A. Yes.

Q. Look at that, and tell me whether that is a white letter upon a black ground - A. Most assuredly it is.

WILLIAM GLORIO . I am an engraver, and have been upwards of twenty five years.

Q. Look at that and tell me whether the sum 10, is what you understand a white letter on a black ground - A. It is a white letter, but the ground is not black, I call it grey; the white is to be seen between the lines, in a black ground it would not. I can see white copper plain with the microscope. If they were printed in red green or blue it would produce the same effect.

COURT. Look at that, do not open it, do you call that a black - A. I do not call it a pure black.

Q. Upon your oath do you call it a grey - A. No, nor a black.

THOMAS PRATTEN . I am an engraver.

Q. Is that a white letter upon a black ground - A. No, it is a grey. I should consider it a black surface where there are no white to be seen, and where there is white to be seen I call it grey.

Mr. Bosanquet. Is a grey ground a term known in your profession - A. Not peculiar known.

Q. Is it an usual term - A. No.

COURT. What do you call that - A. A dark colour, not a perfect black.

Mr. Alley addressed the jury in behalf of the defendant, and Mr. Knapp replied.


Confined Six Months in Newgate .

London jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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