19th September 1810
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SentenceMiscellaneous > fine; Imprisonment > newgate

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720. WILLIAM EDWARDS was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 2d of September , ten doubloons, value 36 l. and thirty-five dollars, value 7 l. 17 s. 6 d. the property of Robert Wollaston .

ROBERT WOLLASTON . I am a steward on board the William Dent . I lost the money on the evening of the 2nd of September.

Q. Where was it - A. In my chest in the pantry, and under my bed-place on board the ship; the ship was lying in Blackwall Bason . About four o'clock in the afternoon, the waterman that attends the ship brought the prisoner on board, he introduced him into the pantry, and asked me whether I would give him a glass of grog; I told him, by all means; I told him to help the prisoner, as I was busy. He helped the man; the man drank a glass of grog, and he had some beef and bread; he sat himself down upon a chest adjoining my chest; I was going to and fro; I had occasion to go to my chest, this money was laying at the top, ready for me to give it to one Mr. Moel, to bring it up to London for me. Two boys came down and wanted to have a pair of trowsers, I took out the money and laid it on the chest to get out a pair of stockings and the trowsers; the prisoner said, aye, there is cash there. It did not strike me. I then put the money back and shut the chest, I did not lock it; it was tied up in a cotton nightcap. Soon after I was called up into the cabin to get some water; I went upon deck to the drip-stone, there was no water, and I was absent about half an hour, during that time I cannot say whether he was left alone in the pantry or not; Mr. Johnson, Mr. Moel, and the waterman were in the pantry. Every one quitted the ship about dark, and when I went to my chest, intending to pack the money up, the money was gone. I had no suspicion of any but the prisoner.

Q. Are you sure he is the man - A. Yes.

Q. You never found your money - A. No; he sold the coin in Leadenhall-street. He confessed that he had done the depredation; he hoped I would shew him lenity.

SAMUEL BOND. I am a waterman, I was employed by this ship. I am sure that the prisoner is the person I took on board, and introduced to the steward of the ship; I know nothing about the taking of the money, I was not in the pantry at the time.

WILLIAM BEEBY . I am an officer. I apprehended the prisoner on Tower-hill; I then went to his lodgings; in searching him, I found in his breeches pocket this leather purse, in it were found four dollars, three half crowns, and two shillings; in his side pocket I found a book containing twenty-nine one pound notes. I asked him who it belonged to; he said, to his wife, she was deranged in her mind. After I had counted part of them over, I said, how many notes should there be; he told me twenty nine. You say they belong to your wife; he said, no, I said no such thing, they belong to my mistress, I am foreman to Mrs. Hunter, stonemason in London-wall, she gave it me to pay the journeymen their wages. I then took him to the office. On the Monday the prisoner said he had robbed him, he hoped he would shew him as much mercy as he could. The silversmith and his young man came to the office on the Monday, and could not identify him.

ELIZABETH HUNTER . I am a stonemason, 21, London-wall; the prisoner was a servant of mine.

Q. Did you give him any money to pay your men - A. No, never; I always pay the men myself; he was my foreman.

Mr. Alley. Do not you know that he had some prize-money, about an hundred pound, some time ago - A. Yes.

Prosecutor. He lent Mrs. Hunter ten pounds on the Monday.

Court. Q. to Mrs. Hunter. What day did he lend you ten pounds - A. Monday, the third of September.

Q. When was he at sea - A. Some time back; he has worked for me about seven years.

Q. When did you hear of this prizemoney - A. twelve months ago.

Q. Did he, before the the third of September, lend you any money - A. No.

Prisoner's Defence. These gentlemen have spoken false, I never said any such words, I said, shew me lenity towards the heavy iron I had on my leg at that time, it was one of the heaviest in the New Prison. I never said I had sold the coin.

The prisoner called two witnesses, who gave him a good character.

GUILTY , aged 36.

Fined 1 s. and confined Fourteen Days in Newgate

Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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