11th April 1810
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371. HENRY OSBORNE , alias MOSS , was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 6th of April , three pigs, value 8 l. the property of William Gerrard .

WILLIAM GERRARD . I am a victualler , I live at Upper Clapton. On the 6th of April I lost the pigs out of the sty. I had fed them and seen them safe in the sty on the over night.

GEORGE GROVES . I am an officer; I went to Smithfield-market. In consequence of information I found Thomas Eldridge, I asked him if he had bought two pigs of the prisoner; he said, yes, and the sow, Oliffe had bought; he said he had sold the two pigs to Mr. Briant of Battle-bridge, and there I saw the two pigs. We went to Worship-street and obtained two warrants, and took away the two pigs, and the little sow. As I was driving the pigs home I apprehended the prisoner, at the Cock at Hackney; he begged of me to take him to Mr. Gerrard's; going along he owned he sold the two pigs for six pounds, and the little sow for two pounds seven shillings and six pence; he said he was very glad he was apprehended, or else he should do something to come to be hanged. I searched him, and found a two pound note, a five shilling piece, and half a crown.

WILLIAM OLIFFE . I am a butcher, I live upon Saffron Hill. I bough the little sow of the prisoner on Friday the 6th of April, in Smithfield-market, I gave him two pounds seven shillings and six-pence. It is the same that Mr. Gerrard claimed afterwards.

THOMAS ELDRIDGE. I am a foreman to Mr. Cotterill, Bacon merchant. I bought two pigs of the prisoner in Smithfield on the 6th of April, I gave six pound for them; I sold them to Mr. Briant for six pound ten shillings.

MR. BRIANT. I bought two pigs of Eldridge on Friday the 6th of April, the prosecutor saw them afterwards and claimed them.

Q to Gerrard. The two pigs that you saw at Mr. Briant's, and the sow that you saw at Mr. Oliffe's, were taken out of your sty, were they not - A. Yes; they are my property.

Prisoner's Defence. On Friday the 6th of April, at the corner of Robinhood-lane, I was accosted by a well-dressed man, he asked me whether I would drive the said pigs to Smithfield-market, he would give me five shillings; on our way he was desirous of knowing my residence, and when he got to Shoreditch church he desired me to go off, and if he did not see me till I got

to Smithfield, to go into the Brown Bear-yard; I might ask nine pounds, but not to take less than eight pound eight shillings for the pigs; I did not see my employer at nine o'clock, I sold them for eight pounds seven shillings and six-pence; I, wishing to get home, would rather lose sixpence than stay any longer. As my employer did not come I supposed he would call on me for the money. In the evening I was taken in custody. I am sorry I did not tell the truth to the magistrate. I resign myself to your lordship.

GUILTY , aged 19.

Transported for Seven Years .

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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