17th May 1809
Reference Numbert18090517-73
VerdictNot Guilty

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518. SOPHIA SPENCER , and ANN BARNETT , were indicted for feloniously stealing on the 1st of February , from the person of Abraham Tweed , a silver watch, value 40 s. two bank notes, value 1 l. each, and a bank note, value 2 l. his property .

ABRAHAM TWEED . I am servant to Mrs. Hoare, at East Sheen. On the 1st of February I was in London, I was out of service then.

Q. Did you loose your watch on the 1st of February - A. Yes; I had a two pound note, two ones, and eight or ten shillings in silver; this was in the evening about a quarter after ten o'clock; I had been drinking

but I was perfectly sensible of what I was about; I had been drinking from between three and four o'clock, but not hard.

Q. In what part of the town was it that you left the last public house - A. In St. James's-street, Covent-Garden, I believe, but I will not be sure.

Q. Then every body else must be sure you was drunk, how do you know that your watch and bank notes were about you when you left the last public house - A. I am convinced they were; what I had there I paid for; I returned my purse into my fob on the top of my watch, both in my fob.

Q. The house you left about ten o'clock - A. Yes; my lodgings were at the Mason's Arms, Maddox-street, Hanover-square. I met these two girls in Covent-Gardon; they asked me to give them something to drink, and I did; it might be nine o'clock in the evening.

Q. Then you took them to this house in James's-street - A. Yes, I cannot say the sign of it.

Q. Have you ever got your watch and your notes again - A. None of the notes, the watch is here; I had nobody with me but these two girls; after I got out of the house I went towards my lodgings, through St. Martin's court.

Q. How long were you getting from James's-street, to St. Martin's-court - A. Not above a quarter of an hour.

Q. I think any body might walk in a minute and a half - A. I was along with these two girls; we did not hurry.

Q. The question is, whether you were sober enough to recollect the persons of any body - A. I was sober enough for that.

Q. When did you see these girls again, if they were the girls that you were with - A. I never saw them till last Wednesday before the justice; I am perfectly sure it was them. I went strait from St. James's-street, to St. Martin's-court with them; we did not stop any where.

Q. Then I am sure you must be drunk - A. There they took the advaniage of me; my fob was torn, and the watch and purse were both taken out, I did not perceive them take it.

Q. How do you know your watch was in your pocket in St. Martin's-court - A. I stopped no where else; they stopped with me perhaps five or ten minutes; I was all in an instant left by myself; that minute they were gone, I perceived what was the matter; it was dark but there were lamps.

Q. How came you to be so indecent to have two women - A. They hanged about, me and asked me to give them something to drink.

- GILLMORE. I am an officer belonging to Queen's-square. On Friday was a week, Mr. Courtney a pawnbroker, sent for an officer, the watch was there to be pawned by a woman of the name of Silverthorn; I detained her, and went in search of her husband. They are costermongers; the watch was claimed by the prosecutor. I apprehended the prisoner; he identified these two girls.

- SILVERTHORN. Q. Do you know any thing of that watch - A. Yes; Mary Dowling sold it me; she was servant to Mr. Young, a publican at Westminster; I had the watch of her about three months ago.

Q. Was that watch afterwards offered to be pawned at Courtney's - A. Yes, this is the same watch that Mary Dowling sold to me.

MARY DOWLING . I sold that watch to Silverthorn about three months ago; he gave me a pound for it. I got that watch from Ann Barnett . I gave her the money that it produced.

Ann Barnett 's Defence. As we were going up the Hay-market, he followed us, and would not let us go one way nor the other; he took us into the public house, he would not let us go till we took him home; he gave me the watch till the next morning. He went away and never came for it. I took the watch and gave it to Mrs. Dowling.

Spencer's Defence. The same.


Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. Common Serjeant.

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