26th November 1808
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689. SARAH FULLER was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 9th of October , a pocket book, value 6 d. three bank notes, value 1 l. each, and a bank note, value five pounds, the property of James Hart , from his person .

JAMES HART . I am a seafaring man , a master of a vessel. On the 9th of this month, between three and four o'clock, I was at the Sundial, public house, Wentworth street, Whitechapel.

Q. Who was with you - A. George Young . We continued in that public house about an hour or a little more, we drank three pints of porter each. On my coming out of the house, I stopped at the corner of the street to make water; the prisoner came up to me and asked me to go home with her; I told her I would not, I was going on board; she shoved back a step or two and came up to me the second time, and said I had better go home with her; I told her I would not and shoved her away with my hands; she came and put her hands into my side jacket pocket, and while I was buttoning my breeches up she made off. It was a short jacket, I had my surtout coat over it; she took my pocket book out of my pocket and run away.

Q. What was there in that pocket book - A. Three one pound notes and a five pound note; upon her running away I ran after her; she run through a passage and shut one or two doors after her but they would not keep fast, she run into a necessary, I got hold of her and told her she had got my pocket book; she said she knew nothing of me; a number of Irishmen and Jews and women came round me and asked me what was the matter; I told them she had got my pocket book; they asked me what I was going to do with the woman; I told them I insisted upon having my pocket book. I had then fast hold of her by the arm; they told me to let her go for I would break her arm; after they found that I would not let her go they got some of one side of me and some of another; some of them pulled me and others shoved me, and rescued her from me; I told my shipmate, George Young , she was gone; he was outside of the crowd, he could not get at me; he saw her go, he followed her; the people stopped me from running after her; I did not see her till the Wednesday morning following at the public office, Whitechapel.

Q. Are you sure the prisoner at the bar is the woman - A. Yes, she was in the house where we had this beer, she was very near me at one time, she was sitting on the top of the settle with her feet on the seat, and I was sitting at her feet hear half an hour.

Mr. Reynolds. Had you any conversation with the woman at the public house - A. No, she drank out of the pot without my consent, I did not ask her.

Q. You never found you pocket book again - A. No; I should have had it had it not been for the women that came round and rescued her.

GEORGE YOUNG . Q. Was you at this public house on the 9th of this month in Wentworth street, with the last witness - A. Yes.

Q. How long did you stay in the public house - A. Near an hour; I had three pints of beer and my partner had three pints of beer; the prisoner was sitting close to us for near half an hour; I and Hart went out together; just as we got in the open street Hart stopped to make water; I walked on a little further; he called out George, I am robbed; I saw the prisoner running away and he after her; she went through an alley and he after her; I went up the alley and saw James Hart having hold of the prisoner by the arm, a mob soon arose and separated Hart from her; she got away, Hart was kept there by the mob, and I ran after her; I kept sight of her; she went into a strange house, to the second floor, where I never was before, I followed her up two pair of stairs, as she was entering the two pair of stairs door I just got hold of her gown, an Irishman that lived there in the room, he said by Jesus you have no business here man, and they shut the door against me with great violence; I sung out there was a thief in the room; I had no answer; I stopped there about two minutes and then went down for fear of being in danger, being in such a place; I stopped in the street, just over the way, two hours, while Hart went for an officer; Hrrt then came with two officers; before the officers came they throwed a stone near as big as my fist, it struck me very hard on my thigh, whether it came from the house door or window, being dusk, I cannot say. The officers and Hart went and searched the house, I went with them; we went into the room where I saw the prisoner go in; she had gone from thence, the Irishman remained there.

Q. Are you sure that the prisoner is the woman that you pursued into this house - A. Yes, the prisoner is the woman, I am perfectly sure of it.

SAMUEL MILLER . Q. You are an officer of the police - A. I am; I apprehended the prisoner on Tuesday about two o'clock.

Prisoner's Defence. As I was coming through the alley, there was another tall woman leaning on his shoulder; I do not know that I should know the woman if I was to see her; he called me to him, I went and asked him what he wanted, he told me I had robbed him; he searched me and began to ill use me; my face was scratched; the people told him not to ill

use me; as I had not got it to let me go - and he let me go.

GUILTY , aged 20.

Transported for Seven Years .

Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. justice Lawrence.

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