26th November 1808
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687. ELIZABETH CHEESEMAN was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 2nd of October , a silver watch, value 3 l. three shillings, and a bank note, value 1 l. the property of James Crawford , from his person .

JAMES CRAWFORD On the 2nd of October, between eleven and twelve o'clock at night, I went into the Maidenhead public house, in Dyot street, St Giles's , I was along with another young man; I called for a pot of porter and sat down; there came in two young women whom I gave the pot directly to to drink; the prisoner was one; they asked me if I would give them a glass of liquor, which I did. I went to the bar directly and gave them a glass of gin apiece; then I went home with the prisoner to her apartment.

Q. How far was it from this public house - A. It was a very few doors. I went into her apartment with her, I agreed to sleep with her all night; I did; I asked her if she chused to have any thing more to drink before she went to bed; she said she would take a little drop more liquor; after I had been in bed an hour I awoke, I heard a noise below, I found the person that was by the side of me gone.

Q. You found the prisoner gone - A. Yes; I directly found my watch gone, a one pound note and three shillings in silver; they had been in my breeches under my pillow.

Q. Had you put your breeches there when you went to rest - A. Yes.

Q. She got away without disturbing you - A. Yes. When I missed these things I immediately got up and dressed myself; I put my hand into my coat pocket to feel for my silk handkerchief, that was gone and half a crowns worth of halfpence that was tied up in an old silk handkerchief; the old silk handkerchief was left behind; the silk handkerchief that I had about my neck was gone; I went down and saw a watchman in the street, I asked him who kept that house; he said he would go in and see.

Q. Were you sober - A. I was not intoxicated in liquor but so as I knew what I was about.

Q. How lately before you went to bed had you seen your money in your pocket - A. Before I went into bed the woman was undressing herself in the room; at the same time my watch was in my breeches.

Q. Was there a light in the room when you found the prisoner gone - A. No, but the watchman came up with me, and with his light I locked over the bed and the room; the watchman advised me to go home. I went down Broad street to go home; the first person that I met was the prisoner in company with a young woman and a young man; the man flew away from the prisoner; I laid hold of the prisoner, the other young woman tried to shove me off; I called the watchman immediately and he came up: I told him of the prisoner; he took her and searched her.

THOMAS JENKINS . I am a watchman.

Q. You came up he call of this man - A. I did; I found that he had two young women in his arms; I said who is the person that robbed you; he said the one next the shutters; I took her by the arm and pulled her into the middle of the road, I then secured her arme and kept her till another watchman came; from thence we took her to the watchhouse; the beadle was going to search her, she put her hand in her pocket and gave him the watch; Crawford was by, he claimed the

watch. That is the watch that was taken from the prisoner.

Prosecutor. This is my watch, I will swear to it.

- ORAM. This was the watch that she delivered from her person to me; I found upon her three shillings in a housewife; the bank note I believe she swallowed; she spoke thick when she came in the watchhouse; we searched her mouth as soon as we could, but we could not find it. The prosecutor described the maker's name, it fully answered to the description; Emery is the maker's name.

Prisoner's Defence. When this young man came up to me, he said he had not much money; he said he would go home with me; he said never mind, I have some property to leave with you till the morning. I wanted something to drink; I went down, and when I went down he followed me and stopped me. The beadle said if I had any thing to give it him; I gave him the watch.

Jenkins. Before Mr. Conant, she said she took the watch from him for fear any body should rob him; she denied having the watch when she was taken.

GUILTY, aged 28.

Of stealing, but not from the person .

Transported for Seven Years .

Second Middlesex jury, before Lord Ellenborough.

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