2nd July 1806
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SentenceImprisonment > newgate; Miscellaneous > sureties

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410. AMBROSE CRAFTON and MARGARET CRAFTON were indicted for a misdemeanor .

The case was stated by Mr. Gleed.

EDWARD HUGHES sworn. Examined by Mr. Gleed. I live at the Cross Keys, Gracechurch-street. On Tuesday the 6th of May, about a quarter before two, the man prisoner came and asked me for a glass of gin, I received a shilling of him, I suspected him, and put the shilling in a particular place, I gave him tenpence change, he went away; shortly after the other prisoner came and asked me if the Maidstone coach went from my house, I said yes, she asked me what time of the day and what was the fare, I told her I could not tell; she said, I shall thank you for a glass of gin, she gave me a shilling, exactly like the other, I told her it was a bad one (I have kept them separate), she said she would go out and get it changed; I asked a Mr. Barnard to see whether she did not join couple with some man in the street; I went out too, and in a passage I saw them both standing together conversing, I said this is the man and this is the woman, if you will take care of the woman I will take care of the man; the woman stopped but the man rushed from me and ran towards Cornhill; I cried out Stop thief, and he was overtaken and brought back.

Q. Were you present at the time he was searched. - A. I was, there was some halfpence and some silver found upon him; I produce the shillings, I have kept them separate, one I marked Man and the other Woman.

THOMAS BARNARD sworn. Examined by Mr. Gleed. You were at Mr. Hughes'. - A. I was in the bar when the woman came in for a glass of gin.

Q. You pursued the prisoner. - A. Yes, I found them in a court; Mr. Hughes said, here they are, take care of the woman and I will take care of the man; I brought the woman up to Mr. Hughes's house.

HENRY BAKER sworn. Examined by Mr. Gleed. On the 6th of May I was in Gracechurch-street; I heard the cry of Stop thief, I saw the prisoner running; the moment he passed me he dropped a yellow purse with some silver, and a brown canvas bag with sixpence and some halfpence, I picked it up and carried it into Mr. Coltson's shop.

- sworn. Examined by Mr. Gleed. I live at Mr. Coltson's, Gracechurch-street, a shoemaker. On the 6th of May the last witness brought in the two bags and laid them on the ground, he said he could not stop, I gave it to Mr. Barnard.

Q.(to Barnard) Were you at Mr. Coltson's shop. - A. Yes, I was there, and took the two bags that the prisoner dropped, I took them into the room where the prisoner was searched, and delivered them to the constable.

- BAYLEY sworn. Examined by Mr. Gleed. On the 6th of May did the last witness deliver to you two bags. - A. Yes, one bag contains ten bad shillings and one good sixpence, the other contains six-sixpences and some halfpence; I searched the man, and found two good sixpences and fivepence halfpenny in good halfpence, which we returned to him; the woman was searched by two women, and nothing found upon her.

WILLIAM PARKER sworn. Examined by Mr. Gleed. You

attend from the Mint for the purpose of ascertaining whether it is good or bad coin. - A. This shilling taken from the man is a counterfeit one, it has been newly coloured, it has not been in circulation; the one taken from the woman is exactly the same, and of the same manufactory, they have neither of them been in circulation since they have been coloured, and the ten shillings are all counterfeit; some of the sixpences are of the same manufactory, and some are also good.

Ambrose Crafton's Defence. I went into this gentleman's house and had a glass of gin, I paid him, and he gave me change, I gave my wife another shilling, I did not know of them being bad at the time; my wife knew nothing of my concerns; the gentleman did not approve of the shilling that I gave her, she came out to me to get the shilling changed.


Confined One Year in Newgate , and at the expiration of that Time to find Security for their good Behaviour for Two Years more .

London Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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