16th April 1806
Reference Numbert18060416-65
SentenceImprisonment > house of correction; Corporal > public whipping

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279. JAMES BARNES was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 6th of March , a keg of anchovies, value 30 s. the property of William Stennett .

WILLIAM STENNETT sworn. I am agent porter to the city of London . On the 6th of March, in the afternoon, my son attended the landing of eighty barrels of anchovies; soon after they were landed I received information there were two barrels stolen, and my son received information that they would be taken to Mr. Levi's, in Goodman's-yard, Minories ; we waited at a distance from the door, for near an hour, I saw the prisoner Barnes coming towards the house with a parcel on his shoulder, we both immediately made over to the house, and seized him just upon the pavement close to the door.

Q. He had been in the house first. - A. Yes, we took him into the house, and immediately saw the package he had brought in close by the window, even to the street; I produce the barrel of anchovies.

Q. You saw him take it in. - A. Yes, I saw him take it in, and I know the prisoner by working on the quays.

BENJAMIN STENNETT sworn. You are deputy to your father. - A. Yes. On the 6th of March, I landed eighty barrels of anchovies.

Q. Do you know whether that was one of them. - A. The mark has been rubbed out, the mark was S. G. G. we missed two in the afternoon, I believe that to be one of them; from information, I and my father went and watched in Goodman's-yard; I observed the prisoner come with that parcel on his shoulder in that bag, he went into Levi's house, we stopped him as he came out, he left the parcel behind him.

Q. How long was he there. - A. He could not be a minute; we took him back to the house, and laid hold of the anchovies, which we found against the window.

Q. Who was in the house besides. - A. Mrs. Levi and another woman. The kegs were not landed on the quays but an hour; I lost two, I believe that to be one of them to the best of my knowledge.

Prisoner's Defence. I know nothing at all about it, when the gentlemen stopped me I had nothing on my shoulder.

SOPHIA LEVI sworn. Q. What is your husband's name. - A. Lion Levi , we live in Goodman's-yard, in the Minories.

Q. What business does he carry on. - A. He is a dealer and broker, he goes to sales, he deals in clothes or any thing.

Q. Do you remember this 6th of March, when this keg was brought. - A. There was a man threw something down, what it was I cannot tell, he threw it down in my entry.

Q. Was that the keg. - A. I do not know.

Q. You must know. - A. I do not.

Q. You saw a man come in. - A. I do not know I am sure.

Q. He was brought immediately back, was not he. - A. There was a man brought back immediately; I cannot say he is the same.

Q. You know you are sworn upon the bible; there was a man came into your shop. - A. There was a man came and chucked something down, what it was I cannot tell, I do not know what it was.

Q. You must know, was it a box. - A. No, it was something in a bag.

Q. Was it like that. - A. It was something like that, there was something thrown down, and he ran away.

Q. He was stopped at the threshold of your door, and brought back. - A. It was a man.

Q. What man. - A. I know it was not a woman.

Q. Did not you see the other man that took it away. - A. There was a man laid hold of something, I do not know what it was.

Q. You are perjuring yourself to all the world, because you would not be thought a receiver of stolen goods. - A. My husband is a dealer in every thing, he buys at pawnbrokers.

Q. He buys any thing that comes. - A. He goes out and buys any thing at sales.

Q. He buys watches or any thing else, silver spoons; do you keep a melting pot. - A. I never see it in my life.

Q. Who was that other woman that was with you. - A. That was a cousin of mine.

Q. Is she here. - A. No.

Q. Was your husband at home. - A. He was up stairs.

Q. Did not you think it very odd that a man should come and chuck a bundle like that in your shop. - A. There was a man came and threw something down, what it was I cannot tell.

Q. You do not know the man at all. - A. No.

Q. Did not you see him brought back two minutes afterwards. - A. I never saw him, when he was brought back I never got up from my fire side; I sat by the fire side; that was in the passage.

Q. (to prisoner) Do not you know the woman. - A. I never saw the woman before, the only time that I was in the house was when I was brought back.

Q. (to prosecutor) What quay was this. - A. Galley quay.

The prisoner called two witnesses, who gave him a good character.

GUILTY , aged 40.

Confined Six Months in the House of Correction , and to be publicly Whipped One Hundred Yards in Goodman's-yard .

First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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