13th January 1802
Reference Numbert18020113-56
VerdictNot Guilty

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135. JONATHAN COOPER was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 14th of December , fifty-four pounds weight of copper, value 27s. the property of John Lightly , John Twalin , and William Murray .

WILLIAM MURRAY sworn. - I am a gangsman at Ralph's Quay ; the piece of copper was landed from a ship called the Mary: On the 14th of December, it lay there a long time on account of the duty not being paid, I weighed it, and saw the mark on it, a G and a diamond E, with the King's broad arrow in chalk; it weighed a quarter of an hundred-weight, and twenty-six pounds; all things landed on our Quay we are responsible for, notwithstanding they are under the care of the King's watchmen.

THOMAS-SUMPTER JOHNSON sworn. - I am a watchman belonging to Ralph's Quay, and was on duty on the 14th of December; the copperlay at the back of the tackle-house, and a row of casks of sugar was in front: About half past four o'clock, I saw a man making an attempt, as I thought, to plunder the sugar casks; I went up to the front of the tackle-house, and the man went away; I turned back again and missed the copper; I did not see anybody take it, but I heard a man run up the gateway.

THOMAS BEVAN sworn. - I am chief watchman; I was told of the robbery, and went in search of it to Rosemary-lane, where I found the prisoner with it, in a shop; I went in and asked the woman if the copper belonged to her; she said, it did not, it was then in the scale; I turned to the prisoner, and asked him if he brought it there, he said, no; I asked the woman also, she hesitated, and said to her daughter, you, Bet, bring it here; I took the copper out of the scale, and said to the prisoner, I thought he had stole it, and took him by the collar; he was then sent to the Compter.

MARY KEEF sworn. - My mother and father keep a piece-broker's shop, in Rosemary-lane; the prisoner and another man came in, and asked me, if we bought copper, I said, no; they said, they had it from some distillers, where they worked; I said it did not signify, upon which they took it away, and I went into the kitchen; they returned back again, and as I came out of the kitchen, I saw Mr. Bevan and the prisoner in the shop, and another man going out just as Bevan came in; the copper was lying down, part on the floor, and part in the scale, but no weights were near the scale; Bevan asked me who it belonged to, I said, to the man that went out; the prisoner said nothing, and Bevan took it away; I saw the copper at the Mansion-house, and I think it is the same.

THOMAS HUNTER sworn. - I took the prisoner into custody and produce the copper. (The copper was identified by William Murray.)

Prisoner's defence. I had been working on the quays, and going over Tower-hill, a man overtook me, and asked me where there was an old iron shop; I said, there was plenty in Rag-fair; he said, he would give me sixpence to shew him one, which I was glad to do, in order to pay for my lodging.

Q. (To Bevan.) Did he tell you so then? - A. No.

Jury. Q. Did you see another man in the shop? - A. No; there was not a foul but the woman and him, nor did any body pass me as I went in, it was impossible.

Jury. Q. (To Keef.) Was there another man? - A. Yes; and I told Bevan I rather thought the other man brought it in first; they both came in together the first time, and did not lay it down at all; I think the other man had the copper and not this, but will not be sure.

Bevan. What she has said is entirely wrong; when I went in, she was in the shop with the man, stooping down to put weights in or taking them out; the copper was properly in the scale, and she was in the shop with the prisoner, and not a soul besides. NOT GUILTY .

London Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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