28th October 1801
Reference Numbert18011028-77
VerdictGuilty; Guilty
SentenceImprisonment > newgate; Miscellaneous > fine

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836. BRIDGET JOYCE , and MARY JOYCE , were again indicted for that they, on the 29th day of August , one piece of counterfeit and milled money, of the likeness of a good half-guinea, the same not being cut in pieces, did put off to Ann Gordon at a lower rate than it did import, that is to say, for 3s. in monies numbered .

ANN GORDON sworn. - The prisoners lived in Field-lane, Holborn : On Saturday, the 29th of August, Mrs. Smith and I went to their house to buy bad money; Mrs. Smith asked them if they had any, and the mother said, yes; then the daughter produced half-a-guinea, and gave it to me; she went out of doors for it, by the mother's desire; I gave the daughter three shillings for it, which was the price agreed on, and she put it into her pocket; we also bought a seven-shilling piece.

Cross-examined by Mr. Alley. Q. It was not you who were to purchase the half-guinea, but Mrs. Smith? - A. It was me she made the bargain for both.

Q. It was to be purchased by you and her together? - A. No, by myself.

Q. Do you mean to say the half-guinea was purchased by yourself only? - A. Yes; Mrs. Smith said, I was to give three shillings for it.

Q. Did you not once say, you did not hear what Mrs. Smith said? - A. There were many words passed; I heard her ask how much I was to give for it, and the daughter said, three shillings.

Q. What way of life are you in? - A. I am Mr. Smith's house-keeper, who is a waterman and lighterman, and lives in Warwick Place, Stepney; I do this for the public good only; Mrs. Smith has not told me I am to have any thing; I don't know there is a farthing; I have not been told I shall be paid by any body, I give my time for nothing; Mrs. Smith applied to me, not I to her.

JUDITH SMITH sworn. - I went with Gordon to Joyee's in Field-lane, on Saturday, the 29th of August, about eleven o'clock, and saw the mother, daughter, and two other women, in a lower room, in Field-lane, Holborn; we went to buy bad money; Ann Gordon bought half-a-guinea for three shillings; the mother said, she had but one, and Gordon should have that; the daughter went out of doors, by direction of the mother, and brought it in, and gave it to Gordon, and three shillings were given to the daughter; I asked for some bad silver, and if they had any seven-shilling pieces; they said, they had none then, but I could have them in two or three days.

Cross-examined by Mr. Alley. Q. How do you know this was on the 29th of August? - A. I kept an account of it; I did not say it was the 21st.

Q. Did you not first say that it was the 21st, and were you not afterwards told, it was wrong, and was it not altered? - A.Never, to my knowledge.

Q. Who told Ann Gordon it was the 29th? - A. I knew the day of the month, and I wrote it down.

Q. Then it was you who told Gordon it was the 29th? - A. No, she knew it as well as me.

Q.She knew what you went for? - A. It was no secret.

Q. Every thing you said, was heard by every body there? - A. Yes.

Q. And Gordon must have heard what you said? - A. Yes.

Q.She said nothing, did she? - A. Not particularly; she asked for the half-guinea, and made the bargain for it, and not me; I first asked for it, and she was to have it; an application was made to me by a woman of Bermondsey about bad money, and I understood the prisoner went about with bad money, so I was willing to see into it, and asked Gordon to go with me on Saturday; I mentioned it to Mr. Rogers, and he said, I had better go, and make a purchase; I never told Gordon she was to get any thing by it, I never expect a farthing, or she either.

EDWARD ROGERS sworn. - I am a Policeofficer; Judith Smith gave information, and a warrant was granted to apprehend the prisoners; their house is in Field-lane, Holborn, in the liberty of Saffron-hill, Ely-Rents, and Hatton-Garden, in the county of Middlesex - it is called Union-court; I went there on Tuesday, the 1st of September, but understood they had absconded; however, I laid watch, and on the 1st of October, I went, and saw Mrs. Joyce, and the young one, and the husband; I instantly laid hold of Bridget Joyce 's pockets, and, in a struggle to get them off, some silver fell on the floor; I held them tight, and took them to the public-house, where I opened them; in one, were these twelve counterfeit shillings, and some good money, part in paper by themselves, and part loose; I gave the good money to the prisoner, and kept the bad; I did not search the daughter.

JOHN RILEY sworn. - I am an officer, and was with Rogers; three shillings fell out of Bridget Joyce's pockets, which I picked up; they are bad.

JAMES SMITH sworn. - I am a waterman, and was with Rogers and Bailey; I searched the daughter, and took two bad sixpences from her. (Produces them.)

Cross-examined by Mr. Alley. Q. Are you the man Gordon lives with? - A. No.

Q. How happened it, you assisted? - A. I often go on board ship with them, and they asked me if I would go.

SAMUEL MENCILIN sworn. - I am one of the moniers of the Mint; this is a counterfeit half-guinea, and these shillings and sixpences are counterfeit.( Bridget Joyce gave in a written defence to the following purpose:)

That the prosecutors had endeavoured to force the child into a course of prostitution, but that, because she would not consent her daughter should live such an abandoned life, they made this charge against her; that they had endeavoured to persuade the child to quit her father's house, and they would give her money and cloaths, and did give her money to the amount of fifteen shillings, which she brought home, and which proved to be all bad, but which she put in her pocket, where it was found, and praying to be restored to her disconsolate husband, and tender family.

Bridget Joyce, GUILTY , aged 45.

Mary Joyce , GUILTY , aged 12.

confined one year in Newgate , and fined 1s.

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Baron Thompson.

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