15th January 1800
Reference Numbert18000115-42
VerdictsNot Guilty

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112. WINIFRED EWBANK and JOHN EWBANK were indicted, the first for feloniously stealing, on the 21st of December , a silver watch, value 5l. two gold seals, value 20s. and a silk ribbon, value 1d. the property of Conrade Lehdenburg ; and the other for receiving the same goods, knowing them to have been stolen .

CONRADE LEHDENBERG sworn. - I live with his royal highness the Prince of Wales, as a baker ;

On Saturday night, the 21st of December, between nine and ten o'clock at night, I lost my watch; at the corner of Princes-street, Leicester-square, I met the prisoner, and went home with her; I staid about ten minutes, and I put my watch on the table, near the looking-glass; she was in a very great hurry, and told me she expected somebody; I left my watch, and forgot it, and went down stairs; in about ten minutes after I returned to the house again; but I could not find out the number; she told me it was No. 65, and it was No. 87; I found it out quite by chance, and went up stairs; when I came into the room, the prisoner asked me what I came for; I said, I want the property that I left here, my watch; she said she had seen no watch; she denied it, and the man too; there was nobody in the room but the woman when I was there before; he said, if I did not go out of the house directly, he would make me; he took up the poker, and was going to knock out my brains; he held it up, and then I went away; on Sunday morning, between nine and ten o'clock, I went in at the shop-door of the same house, and the woman was there; I told her if she would let me have the watch back again, I would make her a present of a guinea; but she said she had seen no watch; about two minutes after that the man prisoner came and ran after me; and I left the house, for fear he should kill me; on Monday morning I went to Bow-street, and took two officers with me to the house where the prisoners were; I have seen the watch since at Bow-street; it was a silver alarumwatch, and two gold seals to it.

Cross-examined by Mr. Knowlys. Q.What countryman are you? - A. A German; from Navarre.

Q. Are you a married man? - A. No.

Q. You learned that this woman was a married woman? - A. Yes.

Q. Did she not tell you that the person she expected at home, was her husband? - A. No; only that she expected somebody.

Q. Did it not turn out to be the most aukward person in the world; was it not the husband? - A. Yes.

Q. Did the husband, when you came to enquire for his wife as a woman of the town, threaten to beat your brains out? - A. Yes.

Q. And when you talked of the watch, did he not say you should have no watch from that house? - A. No; he insulted me very much.

Q. If I had done to your wife what you had done to his, would not you have knocked my brains out, if you could have laid hold of me? - (The witness gave no answer.)

Q. I suppose you do not mind these things in Germany? - A. She was in that business.

Q. You do not mind these things in Germany? - A. I cannot give any answer to that.

Q. You left the watch upon the table yourself? - A. Yes.

Q. And ran away, for fear of this somebody? - A. I did not run away.

Q. When she told you she expected somebody disagreeable, you brushed off, did not you? - A. Yes.

Q.Pray how much did you pay for this crim. con. for which many a man has paid five thousand pounds? -

Court. You are not obliged to answer that question.

A pawnbroker sworn. - I received the watch and two gold seals from the prisoner, John Ewbank; at the same time he redeemed two coats for one guinea, on Monday the 23d of December, in the morning.

JOHN COCKIN sworn. - I am an officer; I belong to the Public office in Bow-street: On the 23d of December the prosecutor came to the office, and me and Jones went with him to a house in Wardour-street , where the prisoners lived; I went up one pair of stairs into the front room; the woman was at home; the prosecutor said that was the woman that had got his watch; I desired her to put what she had in her pockets upon the table, which she did, but there was nothing found; I stopped there about half an hour, and the man came home; the prosecutor then said that was the man that had threatened to beat his brains out with a poker; I asked him for his pocket-book, and he gave it me directly; a one-pound note and three seven-shilling pieces I took out of his pocket; I then told him he must go with us to Bow-street, which he said he was very willing to do; after they were examined the man was locked up, and Jones came over the way with the woman; I had occasion to go over to the office; when I came back I was informed that the duplicate was at home; I went back with the woman, and found it in the room behind a picture; the woman gave me the picture herself; it was placed between the backboard and the print. (Produces it.)

Prosecutor. This is the watch I left in the room.


Tried by the second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. RECORDER.

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