11th September 1799
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479. ROBERT GUERNSEY was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 14th of August , a hempen sack, value 6d. and a pig, value 10s. the property of William Legge .

WILLIAM LEGGE sworn. - I am a labouring man , and live at Hammersmith : I had two pigs; and on the 14th of August, when I got up in the morning about four o'clock, I found the boards broke down by the side of the barn-door, and the pigs gone, and two sacks, they were about eighteen weeks old; the patrol stopped the prisoner in the street with a pig; both the pigs had been killed in the barn.

GEORGE SOLOMON sworn. - I am a patrol: On the 14th of August, about half past three, I met this man with a sack upon his shoulder, at the corner of West-street and Graston-street, in the parish of St. Ann's, Soho; I asked him where he had it from; and he said he had a brother lived near Uxbridge, and he had sent a pig as a present among three of them; I took him to the watch-house, and the next day to Marlborough-street.

Legge. I saw the pig at Marlborough-street; it was just the same as it was, except the life gone out of it, for the hair was on, and the entrails in it; I can swear to this sack, it was upon my premises the same time that the pig was.

JOHN HAWTHORN sworn. - I was constable of the night: The patrol brought the prisoner into the watch-house, with a sack and a pig in it, it was warm; he said it was sent from Uxbridge, and he had brought it in a cart to go to Clare-market; he said he was a shoe-maker in Clement's lane; I searched him, and found a knife; he said it was his property; I looked at it by the candle. and it was all over blood, (produced it); I locked him up, and in the morning, as I was going with him to the justice's, he said, what he told me last night was all lies; now, says he, I will tell you the truth; I found the sack in a ditch on the other side of Tyburn-turnpike; but, says I, what will you say about the knife; and he said he found the knife sticking in the pig's throat.

Prisoner's defence. I had been working at Oxford, but finding work getting slack I came to London; I had no money when I got to Uxbridge, so that I was obliged to walk to London; about three o'clock in the morning, I saw something lying in the road, I found it was a sack, and a man came up to me, and asked me what I had picked up; I said I did not know; I opened it, and there was a pig in the sack, and this knife; it was my full intention to have had it advertised; my friend, that saw me find it, has been attending here several days.

For the Prisoner.

JOHN PEARSON sworn. - I am a labourer, I live at No. 2, Norfolk-row, Lambeth: On the 15th of August, I was going to Uxbridge, a little before three o'clock in the morning.

Q.What business do you follow? - A.Barge work; I was at coal work last.

Q. How long have you known the prisoner? - A. I never saw him till that morning; I saw the prisoner coming towards me, a little before three o'clock, between Bayswater and Tyburn-turnpike.

Q. How far from London? - A. It might be half a mile from Tyburn-turnpike, very near; I saw him pick up something in the road, I saw it was a sack, it seemed very heavy; he opened it, and there was a pig in it, and a knife, which he took out before me, and put in his pocket; I asked him where he was going; he said he lived at the White-hart, in Clement's-lane; I was going to Uxbridge to work.

Q. How long did you stay together? - A. About six minutes; I went on, and the prisoner went the other way; a cart had drove by very fast just before, and I told him I thought it fell out of that.

Q. Are you sure there was nothing else passed? - A. Yes.

Q. Did you tell him your name? - A. No; after I came to town again, I went to the White-hart, and enquired for him, and they called his wife up, and wanted to know my business; I told her I saw him pick up a pig; and she told me he was confined for that same thing, and begged I would appear in his behalf, to declare what I saw.

Q. Then it was by mere accident you called there? - A. Yes.

Q.What did you want of him? - A. To see whether he lodged there or not.

Q.What was it to you whether he lodged there or not? - A. It came into my mind as I was going that way.

Q. Are you sure it was the 15th? - A. Yes.

Q.How do you know it was the 15th? - A.Because I took notice of it, and the woman desired me to attend here.

Q.(To Solomons.) Did you see any other man near him? - A. No.

Q.(To Pearson.) You are sure it was not the Hammersmith road.? - A. Yes.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. COMMON SERJEANT.

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