12th September 1798
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547. ANN SOUTH, otherwise ARCHER , was indicted for feloniously receiving, on the 9th of April , at the parish of St. Mary Matsellon, otherwise Whitechapel , a linen shirt, value 5s. a silk handkerchief, value 1s. 6d. eight yards of dimity, value 8s. thirty yards of ribbon, value 10s. two cotton shawls, value 8s. six pair of cotton stockings, value 9s. two yards of diaper, value 12d. and a cotton handkerchief, value 12d. the property of William Chapman , being part of certain goods feloniously and burglariously stolen by one John Morris , otherwise Bissell, and John Moore , for which felony and burglary they were tried and convicted at the Assizes holden for the county of Essex; knowing the same to have been stolen .

WILLIAM CHAPMAN sworn. - I am a shopkeeper , at Woodford, in the county of Essex: In the night of the 8th of April, my house was broke open; they had wrenched the shutters of my Staffordshire-warehouse, which is under the same roof with my dwelling-house; then they broke a pane of glass between the Staffordshire-warehouse and the linen-draper's shop; a boy had got through the pane of glass, who was capitally convicted at Chelmsford. I was twice robbed; I lost a great quantity of ribbons the last time; I lost as much as two hundred pounds worth of property; among the rest, I lost the things mentioned in the indictment, (repeating them); part of them were in the indictment against Morris and Moore; the officers found the things, mentioned in this indictment, at the prisoner's lodging.

JOHN NOWLAN sworn. - I am an officer of the Police-office. On Monday, the 9th of April, I went, in company with some other officers, to a house in George-yard, Whitechapel, where we apprehended the men that were tried at Chelmsford, in company with the prisoner at the bar; the three men that were tried at Chelmsford resisted very much, in the mean time the prisoner made her escape; I searched the apartment, it was a lower room, she acknowledged that it was her room; I searched the room, and found the articles stated in the indictment tied

up in this handkerchief, and concealed in a bureau bedstead; I secured the three men, and took them to the office. On the Wednesday following, I went, in company with Griffiths, to a place called Salter's-rents, near Shoreditch-turnpike, where we found the prisoner in bed; I asked who that room belonged to that she made her escape out of, and she said it was her's; I asked her if she knew any of the prisoners that we had apprehended; she said, yes, she knew Morris, he had slept with her about six weeks; she had a bed-gown, which, upon my asking her, she said Morris gave her after the first robbery; Mr. Chapman was robbed twice.

Mr. Chapman. I was robbed the 17th of March the first time, and afterwards in the night of the 8th of April.(Nowlan produces the property.)

Chapman. These things are mine, they have most of them my private mark upon them.

Q. And were in your shop on the 8th of April? - A. They were; they were lost in the night.

THOMAS GRIFFITHS sworn. - On Monday, the 9th of April, I went, in company with Nowlan and two other officers, to a house in George-yard, which was the apartment of the prisoner; I found this cotton shawl.(Producing it).

Chapman. This is mine.

(Mr. Chapman produced a copy of the record of the conviction of John Morris , otherwise Bissell, and John Moore , at Chelmsford).

Chapman. I received it from Mr. Knapp's office.

Prisoner's defence. I did not know what was in the room, I had not slept in the room for three nights before they were taken.

GUILTY . (Aged 22.)

Transported for fourteen years .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. COMMON SERJEANT.

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