14th September 1796
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480. MARY BROWN was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 26th of August , ten pair of women's leather shoes, value 20s. a pair of women's slippers, value 2s. and 120 halfpence, value 5s. the property of John Tibbet .


I am a shoe-maker , No.93, White-cross-street ; the prisoner was my servant : On Friday the 26th of August, I had been in the City; I came home, and my brother, who is my shopman, desired me to turn the prisoner away; I sent her out, and went up stairs to look at her boxes, I found nothing there; I looked in a drawer which her mistress had given her leave to put her things in, and there I found a paper with five shillings worth of halfpence in it; I can swear to the paper; I looked further, and under her bed, I found a pair of women's leather slippers, new; we had our dinner, and then I went to Worship-street.

Court Q. Had other people access to the room? - A. The door was not locked, nor the drawer; I went to Worship-street for an officer; she was very agreeable I should search her room, I found nothing, she pulled out the drawer, and the halfpence were then all gone; says I, is there nothing in that drawer? no, says she; says I, it has been moved; and I told her to look under the bed, she looked, and the shoes were gone, she had moved them while I was out; she went down stairs, and fetched a five shilling paper of halfpence from below stairs, and she said, that was them; I looked, and behind the glass door, in the garret, over her bed-room, I found this pair of slippers (producing them).

Q. That garret was open too? - A. Yes; in the drawer, I found a duplicate, (produces it).


I am servant to Mr. Johnson, pawn-broker, in White-cross-street, (produces two pair of women's leather slippers). I took in one pair on the 1st of January, and the other on the 20th of February; I took them in of the prisoner at the bar, in the name of Susan Cooper , a name which she was always used to go by in our shop.

Q. Is that your duplicate? - A. It is, 1st of January, 1796.

- STAG sworn.

(Produces eight pair of shoes, pawned by different people); there is only one pair I can swear to was pawned by the prisoner, the 30th of July, pawned for 2s.; I cannot positively say who I took the others in of, they are pawned in different names; I have known the prisoner for a long time, four or five years, she always assumed the name of Cooper.

Q. Have you any doubt about the others? - A. I cannot say any further; there are four pair in the name of Cooper, and two in the name of Williams, one pair in the name of Miller, and one in the name of Smith, at different times; there is one pair as far back as November.


(Produces two pair of men's leather shoes), one was pledged in the name of Mary Smith , and the other of Elizabeth Brown , for Mary Smith .

JOHN WARY sworn.

I took the prisoner into custody, (produces a parcel of shoes); I had these from Mr. Jones's, at Golden-lane; they refused to deliver them up, and I got a search warrant.

Mr. Jones's Servant. The prisoner has been in the habit of pledging shoes at our shop, but I cannot say whether any of these were pledged by her or not.

Prisoner. These are my shoes, here is the letter T in the inside, one pair is in an unfinished state, these are all my property, and all my make.

Prisoner's defence I have nothing to say any further, than that which is laid to my charge I know nothing about.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. COMMON SERJEANT.

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