20th February 1793
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255. CAROLINE JONES was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 22d of December , one pair of linen sheets, value 12 s. a linen table cloth, value 14 s. three linen shirts, value 1 l. four lawn neckcloths, value 8 s. a muslin neckcloth, value 2 s. the goods of John Nicholls .


I live in York-street, Buckingham-buildings , the prisoner was a servant of mine, I cannot tell particularly when I missed the things, but she would not confess any thing till I said I would fetch a constable and take her up; I went and I could not find one, I came back again, and I knew that her mistress had lost some things, which she had the ticket of, I asked her for the tickets, she would not give them, my wife searched her, and something dropped down, my wife saw it, she then took something up in her hand, which my wife asked her to give up, she said, she would not, she gave it up to my wife at last, and my wife gave it to me, and it was a parcel of pawnbroker's tickets; there was not a great many tickets of things that we had lost; I went to the pawnbroker's with these tickets, and I asked them to give up these things, they gave up part of them, which I have here, they related to all these things which I have here; before I went to the justice's, I asked her if she would tell us where the rest of the things were, she said, she knew nothing at all about it, that she had not taken any thing, but these things she had pawned.

Q. How long had you missed these things? - We missed them only that morning looking over our things, she was then going away; there is a waistcoat of mine, and some other things of mine, that I found at the pawnbroker's, but the man that drew up the indictment said, as I had not got them again, there was no occasion to put them in the indictment.

Court. That is abominable, that because you have not got your things you are not to prosecute.

- sworn.

I am a pawnbroker, I live with Mrs. Brown, in the Strand, I have a pair of sheets that were left by a woman on the 22d of December.

Q. Do you know who that woman was? - I don't know.

Q. Did you ever see her before? - I I never did to my knowledge, she came to the house of Mrs. Brown's, and left a pair of sheets for nine shillings.

Court to Nicholls. Was this the same pawnbroker you got your things from? - No.

Court to Pawnbroker. Did she come herself? - I do not recollect.

Q. What name were they pawned in? - Catharine Nicholls.

Q. Did you give the woman a duplicate? - Yes, we always do.

Court to Mr. Nicholls. Where did you get that duplicate? - I found it on the prisoner.

Court to Pawnbroker. Did she say where she lived? - I don't recollect.

Court to Nicholls. You had not missed them sheets till that day? - I never had.

Q. Then how long they had been gone you cannot tell? - I cannot.

Q. Have you no shirts here? - No, she acknowledge all this before, when we found the tickets, she said, she had taken no more than these; that the tickets alluded to, and she was very sorry for it, and believed the Devil was in her.

Q. Did you tell her it would be better for her if she told you? - I did not, she said, that she had taken nothing else, than what the tickets belonged to.

Q. Are you sure she said that? - I am certain of it.

Prisoner. I was taken very ill, and my mistress said, if I would confess to those things it should be better for me, she wanted me to strip in the kitchen, which I did, and she took from my own bosom, my own duplicates, and these things, and told me if I would confess, they would not put me in prison; my master came backward and forward several times, and urged me to speak to articles, which I knew nothing about. (The sheets deposed to.)

Prosecutor. The sheets were kept in a trunk.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. Baron THOMPSON .

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