20th February 1793
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200. ELIZABETH FORD , ANN TAYLOR and SARAH BAILEY were indicted for feloniously making an assault on the King's highway, on Samuel Evans on the 13th of January , putting him in fear and feloniously taking from his person and against his will, a silver watch, value 5 l. a steel watch chain,

value 2 s. two stone seals set in metal, value 3 s. the goods of the said Samuel Evans .

(The Witnesses examined separate.)


I am a farrier by trade; on the 13th of January, Sunday night, about a quarter past nine, I was going down, Cow-cross, near Smithfield , to an eating house, there were five girls together, and them two Elizabeth Ford and Ann Taylor spoke to me, Ford asked me to take a walk home with her, I refused, and she put her hand to my breast and drawed my watch out of my pocket with her other hand, she gave me a sort of a push back a I made an offer of going by her; she did not strike me it was a sort of a push back with her hand; she took the watch out with her right hand; I am positive it was that woman that is nearest the jury, I felt it go, I saw it in her hand as she pulled it out, and I saw her deliver it to the other girl afterwards, she delivered it to the other girl Sarah Bailey, Bailey then took off; I held the other two, and this Sarah Bailey ran down the street; I had hold of them before she delivered the watch to the other, I kept them till the officers came, they came and they took them into the watch-house in Cow-cross; that is, Ford and Taylor; then they took them from there to the prison Clerkenwell. At the time I held them somebody picked my pocket of my pocket handkerchief, and somebody picked my breeches pocket, but I cannot tell they did it.

Q. How came you to lay hold of Taylor? - She assisted the other, she laid hold of me as soon as the other had got my watch, she laid hold of my arm, she interfered as soon as ever I laid hold of her that took my watch, she did nothing more than hold me.

Q What did she hold you for, was it to prevent you from running after the others? - Yes, to be sure it was.

Q How soon did you see Bailey after this? - It might be in the course of two hours and a half; they took her and two more, there was five of them in all at the end of the court at which I was robbed, they took the five up, Bailey was taken as she was coming up the alley, Jacob's court with a pot of beer, and the two other women stood a little lower down.

Q. Are you perfectly sure that Bailey was the woman that ran away with the watch? - I am very positive of it; when Sarah Bailey took the watch of Elizabeth Ford, them two other women went along with her, they ran off together.

Q. Are there any lamps in this Cow-cross? - There are lamps.

Q.Was it a moon light night? - It was very light.

Q. Do you mean to say whether you recollect it was moon light or not, I cannot be certain, it was very light.

Q. Was there any lamps near where these women robbed you - There is a lamp stands opposite.

Q. Women of this description are dressed very much alike? - I can positively swear to them.

Q Are you sure as to Bailey? - I am very certain.

Q. Did either of the other women get away from you? - No, never; one I held inside of my arms, and the other I held in my hands.

Q. What did you lose; - I lost a silver watch, two Bristow seals, one bed hook in the form of a knife and a steel chain; I have never recovered it since; when I took Bailey she was coming with a pot of beer in her hand.

Q What officer was with you when you took Bailey? - All the officers, four of them were there.

Q Which of them pointed out Bailey to you? - I was going by the alley and I saw her face, and I knew her directly.

Q. Did either of the officers point her out to you? - No, they did not, the officer asked me if that was her; I saw her myself first, she had the same dress before; the women were all strangers to me.

Prisoner Ford. Please to ask him whether he did not stop me by my arm and said, says he, I have lost my watch; with that he up with his hand and made to strike a blow at me; I called to the watchman. I never saw the man before he catched hold of my arm and went to strike me, and said he had lost his watch; and that young woman came that side of the way and he catched hold of her and he said, he lost his watch, and we called out patrole.

Court to Prosecutor. Are you sure that you saw the watch in her hand? - I am sure I did; I saw her take it, and I saw her deliver it to the other.

Prisoner Bailey. He never saw me in his life till he took hold of me; I was coming home with a pot of beer, a bit of cheese and a penny candle, and the constable laid hold of me and said, he wanted me, and that man came up and said, I was the person.

Prosecutor. It was the man Appleyard laid hold of her by my desire; but not till I had told him.


I am a constable; I was at the apprehending of Bailey; the prosecutor was with me, Evans and three others.

Q. Who first saw the woman Bailey? - I believe I did; I ran up and I took hold of her.

Q. How came you to take hold of her? - The prosecutor was with me at the time I came up to her, and he came up and said, this here is a woman that was with me at the time I was robbed; I went up into the room into her own apartment.

Q. How came you to go up into that place to that woman? - I knew it was a place of ill fame, and it was the corner of the court where the prosecutor was robbed; she was coming along with the candle in her hand and a pot of beer.

Q. Did you lose sight of her after you had taken her? - Yes, after I had taken her I left her in the care of two patroles, and I went into another room; I am positive it is the same woman.

Q Did you examine her? - I did, I found nothing of any consequence.

Prisoner Bailey. I have no further to say, that I never saw the man in my life till he took me up.


I am a patrole, I was not present when the robbery was committed; when Bailey was taken up I saw her, she was taken up into her room and searched; whether it was one or two pair of stairs I cannot say; she was examined after the prosecutor said she was the woman.

Q. Where was that search? - In Jacob's court, in a room.

Q. How came she to that room? - The first sight I had of her was in the room to the best of my remembrance.

Q. Did the prosecutor say she was the woman in your presence? - He did, he pointed to her, and said, she was the person that the other gave the watch to.

Prisoner Bailey. Because my name was Sarah.


I am a patrole; I was on my duty; I heard a noise down the street; I went down the street to the prosecutor, and there was Nan Taylor and Bett Ford, and the prosecutor; they were in his hands, and he said, he was robbed, I took them and I brought them up to the watch house, directly they were searched and nothing found on them; he charged them with robbing him of a watch.

Prisoner Ford. They said, if we could raise five pounds they would let us go, and we could not; and he said he would shew us as much mercy as the judge would.

Prosecutor. I never said any such thing, they sent a man to me, and offered to give me money, but I said I would not take money; but I said I would be glad to have my watch again; I never said I would make it up for five pounds on my oath; I had money offered me to be sure, but I refused it.


I am a patrole; I was on my duty, and I heard a noise, and I and my companion came up, and we found this man, with these two women; he said, they had robbed him of his watch; with that we took them to the watch house; the two with him, were Ford and Taylor; I did not see them examined.

Prisoner Ford. That there gentleman sent word to me that if we would raise between us a watch as good as his own he would make it up; with that, we sent word that we were unfortunate girls, and if he would false-swear himself he must; he sent word again, if we could raise five pounds for him to buy a watch as good as his own, he could go a great way off, he was a single man and nobody should know were he was; we sent word we could not; he said then, he would just shew as much mercy as the judge could shew us.

Court to Prosecutor. Did you ever send any message to them? - I never sent any message to them; the person that came to me told me, there was four of them would subscribe so much a piece to give me satisfaction.

Prisoner Taylor. Mr. Appleyard was the constable of the night that took me, and that man and this woman had a quarrel in the alley; I went over to see what was the matter, and the man immediately laid hold of me, says I, what are you going to do with the woman; with that he says, damn you, what are you one of them, and he laid hold of both my hands, and he had me stripped start naked in the watch house; says I, have you got any charge, no, says he; says Mr. Appleyard you may as well go you are sure to be cleared to-morrow.

Prisoner Bailey. When I was going home with the pot of beer about half an hour after ten o'clock, Mr. Appleyard came and took me by the arm and said, he wanted me; with that he called the prosecutor and asked him if he knew me; he said he believed he did; directly he asked me what was my name, I said Sarah Bailey , says he, if your name is Sally, you must be the girl that has got my watch, with that they took me to the watch house, and the next day to the gentlemen at Hatton garden; there was five of us he took up, and when he came out of the yard he said he had taken a false oath.

Court to Appleyard. Did the prosecutor say there he believed she was the woman, or did he positively say she was? - He positively said, that that was the woman, the first time he clapped his eyes on her when I was with him.

Court to Prosecutor. Did you ever admit taking a false oath about this business?

- Not at all my lord, I should be very sorry to do it.

Q. The officer took up the whole five? - I believe he did.

Q. How came the other two to be discharged? - Because they had not laid any hands on me.

Prisoner Bailey. The prosecutor said at the justices the robbery was done between seven and eight, and I can bring people to prove that I was that night in a chandler's shop at that time.

Court to Prosecutor. You told me that this happened a quarter past nine - I said the same before the magistrate, which it certainly was to the best of my knowledge.


I come to speak for Mary Bailey ; I have known her near eight years, and I never knew any thing dishonest of her in my life; I have not known her only seeing her for this last year and a half.

Court. Who do you work with? - With Mr. Davis, Peter's-lane, near Smithfield.

Elizabeth Ford , GUILTY . (Aged 22.)

Ann Taylor , GUILTY . (Aged 28.)

Sarah Bailey , GUILTY . (Aged 18.)

All of the larceny, but not of the highway robbery.

Transported for seven years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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