8th June 1791
Reference Numbert17910608-35
VerdictGuilty > theft under 40s

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260. WILLIAM HAYNES was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 21st of March , a silver watch, value 30 s. and another, value 26 s. the property of John Beck Heather .

A WITNESS sworn.

I am servant to Mr. Heather, pawnbroker , Long-acre . The prisoner at the bar came into the shop, on the 21st of March last, and asked to look at some silver watches; I handed him down two, and he looked at them, and he asked me to look at a metal watch; I left those two silver watches on the counter, to reach for the metal one, as he wanted, with a long handle, and in that moment he made off with the silver watches, and went out of the shop at the front-door: I saw him go out, I cannot say I saw the watches in his hand when he went out, but I saw them in his hand the minute before. and I missed the watches from the counter; I pursued him but did not see him; I saw him again on the 23d or 24th of May, about two months afterwards at Guildhall; I have never seen the watches again at all; I went to Guildhall in consequence of being informed that a man was taken up on suspicion,

and went to see if that was the person, and I recollected his face again.

Was he long enough in your shop, so as you can say decidedly that is the man? - I can.

Have you any doubt about it? - I have not.

How long was he in your shop? - About ten minutes.

What may the value of these watches be? - They had cost as much as laid in the indictment; one cost thirty shillings, the other twenty-six shillings. It is uncertain what they would have sold at.

Prisoner. How long is it ago since these watches were first missing? - The first of March last.

Was there many people in the shop? - Only one person as I recollect.

Who was that person? - There was a woman standing pretty near you, on the same side of the shop.

Do you know that person? - I know her very well; she remained after you was gone.

Court. What is that person; is she of a good character, how does she get her livelihood? - I do not really know, but I fancy she is a woman of repute; she lived then in the neighbourhood.

That woman is not here? - No.

How came you not to have that woman her? - She could not recollect his face.

What time of the day was it? - About eight in the evening.

When he went out of the door did he run or walk? - I did not see him, after he got out of the door.

How did he get out of the house? - He pulled the door open.

In what manner, when he left the counter, did he go out? - He went out in an instant, quite abrupt.

Prisoner. Have you no reason to suspect that person in the shop? - I had not.

You did not search her? - I did not.

It is very extraordinary you should not see the watch go out; as that woman came to pawn things, she might be distressed for money.

Court. Was she, when in the shop, near the counter, so as to have the watches within her reach? - She stood very near to the prisoner.


I am entirely innocent of the fact.

Court. Did the woman come in before him or after him? - She came in I believe after him.

GUILTY, 39 s. (Aged 25.)

Transported for seven years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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