9th December 1789
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39. MARY, wife of BENJAMIN JOHNSON , was again indicted for stealing, on the 25th of November last, one great coat, and sundry other things , the property of John M'Kenzie .

(The witnesses examined separate.)


The prisoner has taken all the things mentioned in the indictment out of my room; she stripped her own room, and then she stripped mine.

MARY BIRT sworn.

I am wife to Mr. Birt. I was called out of bed (I lodge at Mr. M'Kenzie's) about ten o'clock, in November, the prisoner said she did not know where she was, and I shewed her her room; I saw nothing of this property.


I am a watchman. About eleven o'clock I saw the prisoner going along with a bundle, containing a great coat, and sundry other things, all the things mentioned in the indictment, except a tumbler, and I stopped her: I have kept them ever since; I took her to the watch-house.

Mr. Knapp, Prisoner's Counsel. Did the woman appear in liquor, or out of her senses? - No; I asked her what she had there? and she said, what is it to you? and I said, I must see.


I am a watchman. The 25th of November, at eleven at night, my brother watchman brought this woman to me; we took her to the watch-house; and the prosecutor came and owned the property: Thompson has had the care of the things; the great coat she had on, and the other things were wrapped up in a bedgown, the bellows and iron; the pepper box was in her pocket.


I am wife of John Mackenzie . By my husband's orders I let the room to the prisoner; she told me she had a husband, but I did not see him.

Court. You did not let her the great coat in the room, nor the irons? - No; I did not see the things till I saw them at the watch-house, which might be an hour after.

(The things produced and deposed to.)


I think it was Monday evening last, Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie came from the Sessions-house, at Clerkenwell, and I asked them what they had done? they said nothing then; when they came back the next day, I asked them again; the first word I had from Mrs. Mackenzie was, damn the bitch, I am sorry I cannot hang her; why, says I, Mrs. Mackenzie should you endeavour to do that; she endeavoured to recall that word, but I repeated it to her; then I went away to my apartment, and there I staid some time; I did not go out any more for that evening: Mrs. Birt came home very much in liquor; and I heard Mrs. Chantry say, Mrs. Mackenzie, if I have not done her business, when it comes to the pinch, by God I will put in two or three words, but what it shall be done.

Mrs. WESTWOOD sworn.

Deposed to the same effect.

The prisoner called four witnesses, who gave her a good character.


Imprisoned six months .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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