25th February 1789
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VerdictGuilty > theft under 1s

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192. RICHARD PRIOR was indicted for stealing, on the 3d of February , eleven pair of silk stockings, value 40 s. five pair of other stockings, made of silk and cotton mixed, value 20 s. five pair of scissars made of iron and steel, value 10 d. three remnants of cambrick, containing eight yards, value 3 l. five yards of satin, called Florentine, value 30 s. the property of Joseph King and Robert Cottell , in their dwelling house.


I am a partner with Joseph King ; it was in my dwelling house the property was taken, the prisoner was our shopman , he had been with us about two months; having lost some goods, and having some reason to suspect my servants, I desired them all to come up stairs with me, on the morning of the 3d of February, and permit me to search their boxes; the prisoner and the other shopman went up with me, he made no hesitation to give me his key at all; I opened his box, and found in an old coat pocket five pair of white silk stockings, and under that coat three pair of black silk stockings; and underneath the box was two drawers, in one of those drawers I found five pair of scissars wrapt up in a handkerchief, we had lost our scissars; I found no other articles of mine. In the afternoon I went with him to Mr. Warrell, I went to the first house that he had lived at, I went there to search for goods, at a Mr. King's, grocer, in Fore-street, I begged to look at his linen, which was in a box, and there I found two pair of silk and cotton stockings; I went from thence to Mrs. Gislingham, a milliner in Fore-street; there I found a pair of patent silk stockings, a pair of white silk, and a pair of silk and cotton stockings; From there I went to a Mr. Lambert's in East Smithfield, there I found three bits of cambrick, and five yards of Florentine; that is all I found of my property.

When you went up and searched this man's box, and found these things, did he say how they came there? - He only desired I would search the other men's boxes; I did, and I found no property of mine; he then said that they were not my property, that he had bought them.

Did he say any thing about the scissars? - I do not recollect that any mention was made of the scissars.

JOHN ABDY sworn.

I know the prisoner at the bar, the apartments where the things were found was Mr. King's; the washerwoman brought the things there.


I do not know who brought the things there.


I live in Fore-street, I remember three pair of silk stockings being found at my house, the prisoner brought them there to be marked, I believe it was in December, a good while before they were found; I am quite certain the prisoner brought them.

ANN PRICE sworn.

I lived at Mrs. Gislingham's, I marked three pair of stockings by Mrs. Gislingham's desire, the prisoner brought them there; they were silk, or silk and cotton.


I was present when the things were found, I do not recollect any promise being made to him; the prisoner said he owned to taking the scissars, but nothing farther, no promise was made him.


I produce the stockings which I had from Mrs. Gislingham.

Prosecutor. I had the same kind of stockings in my shop, and I looked and found one pair of each sort was gone; I had six pair of each sort, these two pair of silk stockings correspond exactly with those I have left, the others do not, I believe they are all my property, there are no particular marks.


I came up stairs, and Mr. Cottal gave me these stockings, and charge of the prisoner; I have had them ever since.

Prosecutor. I believe them to be mine; I had such goods.

Mr. Garrow, Prisoner's Council. How long has the prisoner lived with you? - Two months.

The prisoner called two witnesses who gave him a good character.

GUILTY, Of stealing the scissars to the value of 10 d .

Transported for seven years .

Tried by the London Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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