23rd May 1787
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470. MARY STEWART was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 2d day of May last, two sheets, value 5 s. two

pillow-cases, value 2 s. two blankets, value 3 s. two flat irons, value 2 d. one cotton counterpane, value 4 s. the property of John Davis , in a lodging room .


I am a married woman; my husband's name is John Davis ; I live in Broad-street, Bloomsbury ; my husband made a contract with the prisoner, and let her a lodging for five shillings a week; these things were part of the furniture so let; she came in about two months ago; she left the lodgings more than a week; the door was broke open, and I missed the things in the indictment; I met the prisoner with a bag in her hand; I took hold of her, and said, you are the person I was looking for; she said to me, do not murder me; I immediately charged the patrol with her, and she was fully committed, but she would not tell where the curtains were, till after I saw all the other things.


I am a pawn-broker in West-street, Seven Dials; I know the prisoner; I took these things at different times; I asked her in a very particular manner if they belonged to her; she said; they did; (repeats all the things but the two curtains) she told me, she lived in Lombard-court; she pawned them in the name of Mary Stewart ; she offered me a pair of curtains, but I would not take them in.

(The things deposed to except the blankets.)


The prosecutrix gave me the liberty of pledging any thing that I would, provided I would leave it there when I went away; I suppose in the two houses that she has in St. Andrew's-street, there is not one that has got a pair of sheets; she keeps a pawn-broker's shop herself, and takes in the things herself; the things were pledged to pay her the rent.

Court. With respect to these things in question, you meant to return them?

Prisoner. Yes, I did indeed, Sir.

Prosecutrix. It is false.

Jury to Mrs. Davis. Did you ever give her leave to pledge the things? - No, upon my oath, I never did; nor any other lodger; I keep a pawn-broker's shop, and have done these nine years.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. ROSE.

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