21st February 1787
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153. JOHN AKERS and WILLIAM FARMER were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 10th day of January last, one ham, weighing twenty pounds, value 10 s. the property of John Davis .


I am a cheesemonger in Bishopsgate-street Without, in the parish of Saint Botolph ; I lost a ham on Saturday night; about ten o'clock, I had occasion to send some hams to a gentleman in the country, and I examined this particular ham, and though I thought it was a good one, it was so awkwardly made, I did not send it;

I put it in the corner; I can swear to it; I observed Farmer about the window at five o'clock.


I am apprentice to Mr. Akers, hairdresser, in Spital-fields: on the 20th of January, on a Saturday evening, between four and five, coming out of Catherine-wheel-alley, I saw Farmer the prisoner, at Mr. Davis's shop-window, and the other at the lottery office window; the next door to Mr. Davis's; I made a stop, and looked at Farmer, when they saw me, they walked away; I saw no more of them till between ten and eleven the same night; I saw the window up; I saw Farmer take hold of the ham, and pull it, and Farmer saw me, and let it go; I believe Akers was by at the lottery-office, but I am not positive of that; then I saw Akers take the ham out of the window, and put it on his head.

Court. Then you watched them? - Yes, I went over the way to Half-moon-alley, and I left my things at the oil shop, and told them what I left them for, and I saw Akers with the ham on his head, and I think Farmer was at the lottery-office window; I went and gave the alarm at the shop, and the man came from the back part of the shop, and asked which way they went; I told him they ran down Artillery-lane; we pursued them, and the patrol took Farmer the corner of Union-street, the new opening.

Prisoner Akers. Ask the boy if I was the person that was standing at the lottery-office window? - I am positive he was the person that was at the lottery-office window, which was very well illuminated, and there were lights in the other shops.


I am a taylor; on Saturday the 20th of January last, at ten o'clock, I was standing at my father's door, and heard the cry of stop thief, and saw the two prisoners run by; I did not observe the ham on them; I caught hold of Farmer by the collar, in Union-street; I found the ham in a saw pit.

Prisoner. At Guildhall, that gentleman said he did not know us at all.

Prosecutor. I said at Guildhall, I could not pretend to say that I saw the ham at all, only that I saw something bulge under one of their coats.

(Three other witnesses assisted in taking the prisoners.)

Prisoners. We know nothing of it.

The prisoner Akers called two witnesses to his character.


Whipped .

Tried by the London Jury before Mr. ROSE.

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