19th July 1786
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626. THOMAS FLOOD was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 5th day of June last, a cloth coat, value 10 s. a silk waistcoat, trimmed with gold lace, value 10 s. a linen ditto, value 2 s. five shirts, value 20 s. one stock, value 6 d. the property of John Turner .


On the 5th of June I lost the things mentioned in the indictment; I live in Liverpool; the prisoner at the bar was a man shipped with me to go down to Liverpool; I was alongside the ship on Monday evening about nine o'clock; it is called the Delight; I was master of her; and about half past ten the same evening not finding my own boat there, I took a sculler and went on board; in the morning not finding the mate on board, I turned out about five and called the people up; then I went down, I went to look in my trunk to get my linen out; my trunk was kept in my cabin; all my linen was gone, what quantity I cannot say.

Which side of the water was this vessel? - It lay abreast of the Tower, on the Middlesex side; I also lost my coat and waistcoat which were not in the trunk, the cloth coat was lost from the cabin, the waistcoat trimmed with gold was in the trunk; I examined the people and found the prisoner was not on board; I went about eight in the morning to Justice Smith's in East Smithfield, and there I saw the prisoner, and part of the property was found and brought there; I saw four shirts there, the marks had been newly picked out; I am sure they are mine; I saw the waistcoat and the coat; the linen stock is marked J. T. I had not seen the prisoner in the cabin that day; my trunk had been on board six or eight days.


I am an officer at the public office East Smithfield; I found these goods at two different shops in Rosemary-lane, one coat at one shop, and the cloth waistcoat, and four shirts at another.

(The waistcoat and shirts deposed to.)


On the 7th of last June, I had information of the prisoner; I went and apprehended him; I took him to the King's Arms and

searched him, and in his pocket I found two black stocks and one white one, which the prosecutor swore to be his property. (The stock deposed to.) I am sure the prisoner is the man; I had had him in custody half an hour before I searched him.


I keep a sale shop; I was walking at the door and the prisoner and another came by with two bundles, on Tuesday the 6th of June, about eight in the morning; I asked them if they wanted to buy any clothes, they told me no, they had something to sell; they came in, and there were these shirts; they had each a bundle, I cannot say which had this bundle, the prisoner said, the clothes were his own; there were five shirts, and a waistcoat trimmed with gold; I bought nothing else of him; they are here.


I am an apprentice to Mr. Wynne; I bought a green coat of the prisoner, the next morning I gave it to Mr. Whiteway.

(The coat deposed to.)


It was the King's birthday, and I wanted to come on shore, the mate granted me liberty; about four I wanted to get my things ready, and another young fellow belonging to the vessel was on shore; I met him and he had a bundle; he asked me to go with him, I said, I will go along with you; he said, he was going to sell or pawn some things; he took me to that man's house, and he sold these things; then to another house and he sold some more things; I wanted to go on board, he said, he would in the morning; Mr. Sadler came and took me for these things.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. ROSE.

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