19th July 1786
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585. CHARLES HOPPEY was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 3d day of June , one linen gown, value 10 s. the property of Elizabeth Holland , widow .

(The witnesses examined apart.)


I lost a linen gown on Whitsun Saturday at Stepney , in the house of John Newton ; I took it there to be mangled.


The prosecutor brought a gown to be mangled, my father and mother were not at home, I took it and put it on the bureau bedstead; about five minutes after, the prisoner came in, and asked if my father and mother were at home, I said, no; and he turned round the mangle two or three times, and he said, have you any thing to mangle? nothing Sir, says I, but one gown; the child was crying in the other room, and I went in to rock the child, and he followed me in and sat down on a trunk, and I took up the child, and he said, I wish your father had been at home, I am come to drink a pint of beer with him; he said, I am very dry, I wish you would get me a little water, I said, Sir, the cock runs backwards, I will go and fetch you a little; says he, I cannot drink cock water, I wish you would get me a little from the pump, I said I did not know where there was a pump, he said over the way, I went for a pail full and gave him the child, and the gown was in the room, and when I bame back again, I found him up against the door with the child in his arms, and he had a bundle under his arm that he could not move; he said give me the water; I put the pot down, and I saw a bundle under his arm; he called to me to take the water away when he had drank; I thought of the gown, I went to see if it was there, and I turned back my head and looked through the window and saw him run across the way; I run after him, but he was gone; I went after him a good way, but I saw no more of him; nobody else was in the house but him.

Prisoner. When I gave her the child out of my arms; whether she saw me with any bundle? - He looked more bulky than he did when he came in.

Prisoner. After I gave you the child did not I stand talking to you sometime, and say I would call on Monday? - No.

Did not that woman say before the justice, that if I would pay for the gown they would not prosecute me, and I said I would not, I was innocent, and would depend on the laws of my country? - No.


On the 3d of June, it was on Saturday, I went down to Blackwall, on board an Indiaman, to see an acquaintance that sent for me, I came through Stepney Church-yard, I was very dry, this young woman's father and I had been watchmen together, she said her father and mother were not at home, but were gone to London, says I, I am very sorry, says I, I will be obliged to you to give me a draught of cock water, she took a pint pot and went as far as the door; she said I will fetch a pail full, she took the pail and went out, and I took the child in my arms, and the child was very cross, I followed her to the street door, when she came to the street door I was there, and had the child in my arms; she sat down the pail, and I gave her the child, and asked her what o'clock it was, and said I shall be this way on Monday, and will call; in the mean time this girl's father called; I was on the bed, he spoke to me about the linen gown, I went to the justice's, they offered me to make it up for nine shillings; I said I will stand the test to the law of my country; then I was committed to prison, where I have said ever since.


Whipped .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice ASHURST.

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