31st May 1786
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497. MARY DIXON and MATTHEW BROWN were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 21st of May , one cotton counterpane, value 2 s. two pillowcases, value 12 d. two flat irons, value 12 d.

a tub, value 4 d. two knives, value 4 d. and two forks, value 4 d. the property of William Bilan , being in a lodging-room let by him to the said Mary Dixon and Matthew Brown , against the statute.

A second count, for feloniously stealing a pair of linen sheets, two tin canisters, two silver tea-spoons, value 2 s. a brass kettle, value 12 d. one brass canister, value 2 d. the property of the said William Bilan .


The woman came to take the lodging about three weeks ago; she did not come till the Saturday following at eight o'clock, and before ten she was gone, and the lodgings stripped; the prisoner Brown was with her, he followed her up stairs; they were both gone before ten o'clock; we found the sheets on the woman at one Dixon's, a pawnbroker in the Strand; she was carrying them to pawn; we found nothing else upon her; the man was waiting for her at the front door; the rest of the things were brought by another woman: after the prisoner was brought before the Justice and committed, the prisoner Brown came to her, and brought her a glass of brandy and water; he was taken, and denied any knowledge of it; I said I could swear to him; then the Justice called the woman who brought the things, and asked her who brought them, and she said, him, in the presence of Brown; he then confessed he was a confederate with her and he begged for mercy for the woman, and he would take all the punishment upon himself.

Prisoner Brown. Are you sure you saw the prisoner that night come into your house, and go up stairs? - I am.

- ADAMS sworn.

These things were put into my possession at the office.

(The things deposed to.)


I saw the woman prisoner at the pawnbroker's; she had the things in her handkerchief; the prosecutor stood at the back door, I went in at the front door; she was then in the slips.

Prosecutor. I saw her throw them down.


I was to give her four shillings and sixpence a week; I told her I was in great distress, on account of a child dying; that I could not come till next week; she said I was welcome to make any use of the things in her room, so as I replaced it in the next week; I told her I would replace it on the Monday morning; the prosecutor said, if I could get four or five guineas, he would never appear against me; I wrote him a letter when I heard that, that if it pleased God, when I had got my liberty, when it was in my power, I should make his wife a present.


I never was near the place; I went to give her a glass of brandy and water, when she was committed; there are two gentlemen of the Jury that know me perfectly well.

Serjeant THOMAS BROWN sworn.

I am in the third regiment of Guards; I am no relation of the prisoner; he has been in the company. I belong to, three or four years; I know him well; his character has been exceeding good with us, and he brought an exceeding good character from General Elliot's Light Dragoons; he was a serjeant in that regiment.



Each transported for seven years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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