14th September 1785
Reference Numbert17850914-61
VerdictNot Guilty; Guilty

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784. JOHN LOVEJOY and JOHN GODDARD were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 22d day of July last, seven live ducks, value 7 s. the property of John Bedford , Esquire .


I am footman to the prosecutor; he lives at Acton Green , I lived with him; on the 22d of July last my master lost seven ducks; I missed them on the 22d in the morning; I saw them the night before; I took care of them always; they were in and out of the yard, and sometimes went on the green; the yard was at one end of the house; there were four old ones left behind, these seven were young ones, but fit for use; they were not quite full grown; I saw them again the next morning, the 23d, about ten, they were carried to London; I saw them in Mount-street in the watch-house, they were in possession of John Piddington the patrol; on the 22d I went to town to swear to the ducks; I knew the ducks by their marks.

What marks have they? - One was marked just by the neck, with white marks.

Was it the feathers you describe? - Yes.

Were the marks such as you could venture to swear to them again? - Yes, there were three that were so marked.

Should you have known them at any part of the kingdom? - Yes.

Should you have known them on the green three or four miles off? - Yes, I swore to them, and carried them home; they have been eat since.


I am a patrol of Saint George's, Hanover-square, on the 22d of July last, about ten minutes after four in the morning, my partner and I were standing in the corner of Park-lane, and the two prisoners came along by the dead wall from Tyburn Turnpike to the corner of the lane; they came on the foot way; I turned about and spoke to my partner that stands here, and said, them men were suspicious looking men, and they should be searched; Goddard had the bag; it was very light, ten minutes after four; he had the bag tied up, and upon his head; the other prisoner had nothing upon

him; they were walking together as near as they conveniently could.

Did you hear them conversing together before you stopped Goddard? - I cannot say.

Were they walking side by side, or were they following? - I cannot say, I believe they crossed one another when they came to turn down Green-street round the corner of the wall, as if not to come through it, but to go down Park-lane.

Did they appear to you as if they meant to avoid you? - Yes, I stopped them at the corner of Green-street, I asked them where they were going; I spoke to Goddard, who had the bag, and the other stopped; they both stopped with one another, and my partner came up to me; I asked him where he was going, and what he had got, he said ducks; I said, where are you going with these ducks, and he said, to Leadenhall-market; I asked him to whom there, and he said Jones; I asked him what Mr. Jones was, and he said a salesman; I asked him where Mr. Jones lived, and he said at East Acton; he said he had been hay-making there; he said I might see the ducks, I said I should see them; the ducks were all dead; I saw by the killing of them they were not properly killed by a market-man; I seized one, and my partner seized the other; the prisoner said he was not concerned; going along Park-street, just by the Barley Mow, Goddard desired to stop, I stood very close to him the same time; I saw him hustle very close to the corner, and he put his right-hand into his left hand waistcoat pocket, and I put my hand in, and found this piece of wire, and this piece of iron; in the examination they were deemed picklocks, and I took them for such; there were some things of no value, and a pewter spoon, but they are owned by nobody; nothing was found on Lovejoy but this little knife; I took the prisoner to our watch-house in Mount-street, and immediately set off for East Acton, where the prosecutor lives; I went to Mr. Bedford's to ask if he had lost the ducks, and described them no further than as seven ducks; I had no discourse with the servant about the ducks; when I shewed them to him the servant knew the ducks, and said they were his master's property; they were of the Muscovy breed; I did not observe that he said any thing about the marks.


I am a patrol; I was out with the last witness on the 22d of July in Oxford-street, we saw two men coming along from the turnpike; they were coming towards me; they turned down a lane; I was looking the other way; my partner stopped him, and I came up the other way; the ducks were just dead; they were warm, but no otherwise warm than as I imagined the man's hand had warmed them; I saw them again about ten, and I believe they were the same ducks.


I found the ducks under a hedge; this other prisoner is a stranger to me; they stopped me; at the first and second time the servant said they were too large to be his master's property, but the third time he swore to them.

Lock. I never said any such thing.

Prisoner Lovejoy. I know nothing of it.



Transported for seven years .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. ROSE.

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