11th May 1785
Reference Numbert17850511-31
VerdictGuilty > with recommendation
SentenceCorporal > private whipping

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552. CHARLES LUNDMAN was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 25th of April last, one silver watch, value 30 s. a steel chain, value 6 d. a seal set in silver, value 6 d. one metal watch-key, value 1 d. the property of Erick Bergstrom .


I lost the things mentioned in the indictment; I took in the prisoner out of charity, he lived with me as a servant , he went away one afternoon without asking for wages, or saying any thing, and my wife going up found the drawers open, and the things gone; this was on the Monday, and on the Tuesday the boy was brought back, he was afterwards taken into custody by another witness; when the prisoner was brought home, he said here is the thief, you may do with me what you please; I never threatened nor promised him, he took out the key with his own hand, and produced it to the constable, and the watch in the same way; the constable has had the watch ever since, it is my watch, I have wore it six or seven years myself, I know the watch by the seal, it has a head on one

side, and a steel chain, I have seen that watch in the drawer several times; the watch was produced by the boy.


I am the prosecutor's son, on the 25th of April, between four and five in the afternoon I came home from on board of ship, I set myself down in the bar, and I heard my mother stamping on the stairs, and she called me, and said she was robbed; I went up along with her, and saw her open the drawer, and I looked in and saw the watch was gone; I know the watch had been in the drawer a long time, I know it had been kept there, and other watches besides; I cannot tell when I last saw it there, I would not on any consideration swear to it: I was present when the prisoner was brought in, and the prisoner said, here comes the thief; then the watch was taken out of his pocket by the constable; I saw the key taken from him, I remember the key very well, and I verily believe it to be the key that opens the drawer up stairs.


I am a constable, on the 28th of April last, between twelve and one, I charged the prisoner with robbing the prosecutor, he was taken by another young man, and brought in a coach, and I found upon him a watch and key, the watch was delivered to me, nothing was said to him before this, the watch was delivered to me by Mrs. Bergstrom, he said the watch was their property; I believe the key will open the door.


I used to wear a watch which was kept in the room where my father and mother lay; I have many a time seen it in that drawer, I wore it the Sunday before it was missed, my mother gave it me to wear, she said I should have it, I returned it to her at night, and she put it by in the drawer; I should know the watch again among a thousand.

(Deposes to the watch.)

I wore it above a twelve month, it has the same chain and seal, the seal is a man's head upon it; I gave that notice to the pawn-broker, when he took it, there is a little bird upon a little branch on the other side of the seal: when the prisoner first came in, says I, here is Lundman, aye, says he, here is the thief.


I have nothing to say; I have no witnesses.


Recommended to mercy on account of his youth .

Court to Prosecutor. Have you lost any other property?

Prosecutor. I would wish to recommend him to mercy.

While this boy was with you, did you lose any other property to any other amount? - I did, but have not put it in.

To what amount might you lose property? - I lost some money, my wife told me of seven guineas and a half in gold, and a guinea in silver; when I have any money to spare I give it my wife, and she puts it in a drawer; but nevertheless, my Lord, I wish to recommend him to mercy, he has no friends here in this part.

Court. What country is the boy? - A Swede.

Court. Do you understand English, my boy? - Yes.

Has he anybody that would take him to his own country? - I cannot say, I will never have him in my house any more; there was a captain of a Swedish ship at our house the other day, and he said he would take him, he said his name was Andrew Buer .

Court. I will respite his judgment at present; I dare say the Swedish Ambassador will take care he shall be sent to his own country, if that captain will not take him? - His father is a comptroller in the navy at Sweden.

What is the number of your house? - No. 33, Wellclose-square; the name of the captain is Andrew Buer ; the father does not wish to have him home again.

Privately whipped and delivered .

N. B. On the application of the constable in this last trial, who was a housekeeper in Wellclose-square, for his expences, the Court wished it to be generally understood that all witnesses that attend are not necessarily to be allowed for their attendance, but only those poor persons that lose their time, and daily labour; and that where a great number of witnesses, and constables, for instance, were bound over, such would not, in future, be allowed their expences. Mr. Alderman Watson observing, that himself, and the Jury, and every man that attended there, on the business of the sessions, were taken from their employments; but in doing what they could to protect society, their reward was with themselves.

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. ROSE.

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